Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Christmas Spa Promotion

Dear all,

Groomers Connection is currently having Christmas Spa promotion. The package is specially design just for Christmas for your doggie mates.

Please call us to make a pampering appointment for your beloved doggie pals. Do not miss it!!! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prince of the Year!!!

Puppy Cottage's third quarter of the year started off with welcoming of a handsome prince to our cottage.

It was a surprise visit from this Prince of Thailand...yea, he is from Bangkok, Thailand and he has chosen us to be his stop over holiday destination for at least six months before proceeding back to Australia.

Prince, is a male golden retriever and do you believe we have not even seen the King or Queen of this Prince. We, Puppy Cottage would like to express our gratitute for trusting us tremendously in taking care of your son.

1st three months:

As his name has suggested, royal pampering was required from his royal highness. A daily walks of two times are required by him, once in the morning and once in the evening. On top of that, a meal fit for a prince would have to be served to him. Prince knows when is his meal time! When it is feeding time, he will start to sound for his guards to bring his food to him. However, we guess the meal are too delicious till our Prince gain a little weight. :)

Routine Routine Routine...Prince is so used to his regular routine; from morning walk till bed time, he knows when it all should happen. So smart as a prince.

This little Prince has his own tricks of begging for treats and he does it wonderfully well. Below is a picture of him doing his tricks, cute right for a big golden. :P

As a Prince, we guess he is very much used to being the only dog in the palace, thus he had a culture shock when he saw so many friends around him and it took him quite a while to get used to the crowds.

Nevertheless, he has now started to get used to his friends around him although he still has his preference for friends. Below are pictures of him playing with his friends. One of the photo shot is like the story of David versus Goliath in the bible:

Following are few more shots of Prince playing with Snowy, the Siberian Husky and by the way is one of his best friends in our Cottage. Lucky the Border Collie and Milo the American Cocker Spaniel are some of his best friends as well.

Please do stay tune for more on Prince stay with us...

Monday, November 02, 2009

Testimonial from Charlie Parent - Richard and Laura Miller

Hi Puppy Cottage,

For the two months you looked after Charlie while myself and Richard were back in England, as well as all the times beforehand when we were on holiday etc, we were always so happy to leave her in your capable hands and felt safe in the knowledge that she would be looked after with proper care, love and affection. Being away from Charlie for ten weeks was so hard for me - I watched her on your CCTV service once but this made me miss her even more!! But I knew that she would be fine with you guys and enjoying her stay with you.

For anyone that is looking for boarding or grooming services in KL I cannot recommend Puppy Cottage highly enough. All of the dogs that you look after are so happy to be in your care and treated just like family pets.

One thing I will always remember is when we dropped Charlie off to stay with you for almost three weeks while we returned to England for a holiday in 2008. At the time that we left her Charlie was receiving medication and treatment for her skin and coat - Pugs are prone to skin problems and her coat was suffering terribly. We felt so guilty leaving her but were at the same time happy that she was staying with you guys where we knew she would be watched over carefully. We were confident that you would make sure that she was given her medication and oitment as prescribed by the vet and would let us know if there were any problems. When we collected Charlie from Puppy Cottage we were delighted to see that she had totally recovered and her skin and coat were in the best condition ever! This really is a credit to all of the staff at Puppy Cottage that you really do care about the welfare of the animals and listen to the owners and their concerns.

I think that Charlie's time with Puppy Cottage has benefitted her in that she did not get to meet other dogs a lot - there were no other dogs in our apartment block etc - and therefore she got used to being in the company of other dogs. Ryan I am sure you will remember how scared Charlie was the first time we left her with you way back in 2008 and seeing the pictures of her playing with Suki and Nila were just wonderful - we have you guys to thank for enabling Charlie to mix with other dogs without being frightened.

Lastly we have to thank you for introducing us to Dr Karu who organised all of Charlie's immigration requirements. Without your help we would have never been able to get Charlie back to the UK so both myself and Richard would like to say a huge thank you to all of you at Puppy Cottage for all of your help and support over the last two years.

Myself, Richard and Charlie wish you guys all the best for the future and will always be grateful to Puppy Cottage for looking after Charlie so well for us during our time in KL.

Thank you again

Laura, Richard and Charlie

Disclaimer: Letter and Picture posted are properties of Charlier's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Joy of a Pug!!!

This story is about a female pug whose name is Charlie.

Charlie has been our regular customer since she was a puppy. Never fail to entertain her friends in our cottage and of course us, every time she stayed in our cottage.

Richard and Laura Miller, her owners are currently in England. Charlie would has to stay with us for two months due to immigration matters.

Yes!!! You guys have read it correctly; she will be migrating to ENGLAND.

We will surely miss her!!! However, let’s not dwell on the sadness but let us share the happy time we had with her.

Do you know who is Charlie Chaplin, the famous comedian? Well, she is our very own Charlie Chaplin in our Cottage, though she is a girl. :P

A source of entertainment for her friends in Puppy Cottage. Her joyful character is a joy to Puppy Cottage's customers and lastly she never fails to keep us entertained.

In addition, Charlie loves to sing her heart out in Puppy Cottage just like Charlie Parker, a famous jazz musician. Never once, she fails to welcome her friends from outside our entrance and she will sing to them until they greet her inside our cottage. With her funny jazz barks and breathing, it always nice to have a cup of coffee and a cookie to enjoy her music. :)

Charlie has many friends in our cottage since she was a puppy and we are sure she will be missed by all her friends. During her 2 month stays with us, Charlie had a best friend whom is 8 months old black pug name Suki. Suki loves to cuddle beside Charlie during her nap. Basically, the two of them will eat, sleep and play together. Can't be separated!!! Below are pictures and a slide show of Charlie together with her best friend:


Slide Shows:

Charlie celebrated her birthday in our Cottage and we have prepared a sumptuous fine dinning for her dinner. Chicken with Tuna chunks, added with cherry tomato and Cottage Cheese. Yummy right?

Below are some of the pictures taken while she was enjoying her meal:

Oh yea, we forget to mention that Charlie was also on one of the magazine that featured us. Click here to see beautiful Charlie on the magazine.

We would like to thanks Charlie and her owner for trusting us in taking care of Charlie.

All the best to the three of you...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pet Inc Again Featured Our Groomer in its Grooming Article

We would like to thanks Pet Inc, whom again has taken their time to featured our groomer, in its grooming article.

We have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Pet Inc

Happy reading!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puppy Cottage was Featured on the Nanyang Siang Pau Newspaper

We would like to thanks Nanyang Siang Pau Newspaper, whom has taken their time to featured us, Puppy Cottage in one of its article.

We have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Page 1

Dear Nila, Ruby's Daddy and Mommy,

Your pretty baby was featured on the Newspaper!!!

Happy reading...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Grooming Academy, Groomers Connection - Open Day Promotion!!!

Being the 1st International Accredited Grooming Academy, Groomers Connection Academy is an academy that's primed for excellence.

The courses are based on the Academy’s unique grooming philosophy of merging the best of East and West. It gives the students an opportunity to appreciate the uniqueness of different techniques, methods of grooming and develop a broader and more sophisticated view of the grooming world.

Groomers Connection Academy is strictly about being connected...

Uniqueness of Our Academy

  • Proud to be the 1st International Accredited Grooming Academy in Malaysia
  • Academy is recognised member of International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (“ISCC”) and Pet Care Services Association (“PCSA”) in good standing.
  • A touch of fusion – our unique philosophy of merging the best of East and West in the profession.
  • Collaborate with few International Grooming Academies.
  • Certified, talented and experience instructors.
  • Instructors won top international and local grooming championship as well as received tremendous support from the media.
  • Instructor is the only Certified Pet Care Technician in Malaysia.

The courses provided by the academy are:

1) Diploma in Professional Grooming Course
2) Apprentice Course (Level 1 and Level 2)
3) Creative and Colouring Course
4) Advanced Diploma Professional Grooming Course

Ready to get groomed for success? For more information on Groomers Connection Academy, please do not hesitate to call us at 03 7725 0711.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pet Inc Featured Our Groomer in its Grooming Article

We would like to thanks Pet Inc, whom has taken their time to featured our groomer, in its grooming article.

We have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Page 1

Page 2

Happy reading!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puppy Cottage was Featured on the Oriental Daily Newspaper

We would like to thanks Oriental Daily Newspaper, whom has taken their time to featured us, Puppy Cottage in one of its article.

For those whom does not knows how to read in Chinese, it is an article describing the steps on how we perform our mud spa and basic grooming on our doggie friends.

We have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Dear Odee Daddy and Mommy,

Your Handsome baby was featured on the Newspaper!!!

Happy reading...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Testimonial from Nila Parents - Max & Elena



For the 7 months you looked after Nila while we located from Manila to Melbourne you guys took fantastic care care of Nila and I have to admit, we have not been able to maintain her coat to the same condition as you had it when Nila arrived. I guess that's a trade secret...

For anyone looking at using Puppy Cottage's services, I can with complete confidence tell you that during the 7 months that our poodle x cocker spaniel was boarded at Puppy Cottage she was provided the best care possible. This was a great comfort for us during a time (relocating) that things can be very stressful. Puppy Cottage gave us peace of mind that our little princess (Nila) was being taken good care of and most importantly, being loved by the team at Puppy Cottage.

Prior to meeting Puppy Cottage, we were concerned about how Nila would manage without us, considering she had never left our side for more than a couple of hours before. We looked at a few boarding facilities but most seemed very clinical. A good friend of ours had previously given us some very sound advice and that was the importance of dogs who are being boarded for long periods, to experience regular human interaction, rather than been left alone in a cage. My wife found Puppy Cottage and was impressed with the fact that all the people working there also had dogs and seemed to be very passionate about caring for them.

After 3 months, my wife and I traveled to KL to visit Nila and this was the first time I was visiting the facility. I was impressed with the way that Puppy Cottage encouraged iteration with the dogs even allowing them to roam into the shopfront. All the dogs were excited to see us and especially our Nila.

As we had not seen Nila for a while, we took her to a local park, she seemed very relaxed and was in great shape. When I took her back to Puppy Cottage that night I was very impressed to see that Nila couldn't wait to get back inside and was very happy to see Puppy Cottage team member after not seeing them for most of the day. This gave me great comfort seeing that Nila actually liked staying at Puppy Cottage and wanted to be there.

During the period that Nila stayed with Puppy Cottage, they also looked after her quarantine requirements with the assistance of Dr Karu. This included vaccinations and regular blood tests.

Puppy COttage's team did a great job in managing Nila's transport requireents back to Melbourne, they ensured she was comfortable in her cage, provided her favorite toys, blankets and even rigged up a water bottle to ensure Nila had edequate water for the entire flight. They also trained Nila to drink from the water bottle weeks before the flight which indicates how thoughtful they are.

If you need any other information, please feel free to contact me through Ryan.

P.S. the only problem we have now is that we can't find a service as good as Puppy Cottage in Melbourne for Nila's grooming....

Max Tennant & Elena

Disclaimer: Letter and Picture posted are properties of Nila's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Puppy Cottage was featured in Haven Magazine, TheEdge

The title of the write up is "Bed & Breakfast"

We would like to thanks Haven Magazine, TheEdge, whom has taken their time to featured us, Puppy Cottage in one of its article.

We have attached the pdf format of the write up below:


Dear Nila, Nemo, Charlie and Cookie owner,

Your Handsome and pretty babies were featured on the Magazine!!!

Happy reading...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nila Letter to All Her Friends

Dear Friends,

Well things are OK in this new place I'm staying at but it's not as good as being with you guys. It's kind of strange because there's lots more dogs here than Puppy Cottage and they don't let us play together. Not even Elena and Max are able to touch other dogs here. We have what is called a run, with a kennel at the end and inside the kennel, there's a wooden bed and blankets. I like to keep my cotton knot inside the kennel with me when I sleep.

The weather here is different, on the second night I was here it was 8c, but my kennel was kept warm with a red light, I was very tired after the flight, so I slept a lot. The visiting hours are very strict here, so Max and Elena have not been able to see me all the time, but last Monday Max took time off work to see me. Unfortunately, he brought shampoo and conditioner with him and he even had a brush. After we played with the green ball for a while, Max washed me. He tried to bush me, but I was still wet and the visiting time was over.

Max came back today to finish brushing me, it was great to play with the ball again and we started doing activities with obstacles. He tried to hide the ball in a tree, so I showed him how well I can jump and jumped into the tree. He took a picture of me in the tree. He then started brushing me again, because no one brushes me here, not like at Puppy Cottage anyway. I don't think Max is as good at brushing as you guys, so when he put me on my back, I kept wiggling. I have a lot of knots, well you know what my fluff is like right?

I really miss you guys and I miss the team and pals I used to play with. The guys here just bark a lot, but not like we used to bark at the customers in Puppy Cottage, actually I miss the people that used to visit us all the time.

Apparently, next Monday I'm going to get a haircut. because I don't get groomed every day like I did at Puppy Cottage, it will be better that I have shorter hair, that way when I play on the grass, I won't collect so much flora anymore.

I miss you guys and attached is a picture of me on the tree.

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Disclaimer: Letter and Picture posted are properties of Nila's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.