Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nila Letter to All Her Friends

Dear Friends,

Well things are OK in this new place I'm staying at but it's not as good as being with you guys. It's kind of strange because there's lots more dogs here than Puppy Cottage and they don't let us play together. Not even Elena and Max are able to touch other dogs here. We have what is called a run, with a kennel at the end and inside the kennel, there's a wooden bed and blankets. I like to keep my cotton knot inside the kennel with me when I sleep.

The weather here is different, on the second night I was here it was 8c, but my kennel was kept warm with a red light, I was very tired after the flight, so I slept a lot. The visiting hours are very strict here, so Max and Elena have not been able to see me all the time, but last Monday Max took time off work to see me. Unfortunately, he brought shampoo and conditioner with him and he even had a brush. After we played with the green ball for a while, Max washed me. He tried to bush me, but I was still wet and the visiting time was over.

Max came back today to finish brushing me, it was great to play with the ball again and we started doing activities with obstacles. He tried to hide the ball in a tree, so I showed him how well I can jump and jumped into the tree. He took a picture of me in the tree. He then started brushing me again, because no one brushes me here, not like at Puppy Cottage anyway. I don't think Max is as good at brushing as you guys, so when he put me on my back, I kept wiggling. I have a lot of knots, well you know what my fluff is like right?

I really miss you guys and I miss the team and pals I used to play with. The guys here just bark a lot, but not like we used to bark at the customers in Puppy Cottage, actually I miss the people that used to visit us all the time.

Apparently, next Monday I'm going to get a haircut. because I don't get groomed every day like I did at Puppy Cottage, it will be better that I have shorter hair, that way when I play on the grass, I won't collect so much flora anymore.

I miss you guys and attached is a picture of me on the tree.

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