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Greetings and Bow Wow to all of you,

Welcome to Puppy Cottage official website.

Our Cottage specialises in just for your doggie every's need from a pampering spa to lovely cottage home for their holiday while you have yours.

TheStar Press

We are the 1st Pet Care Centre in Malaysia to be a winner of SME100, a prestigious  award among the various SMEs industry. 

Your dog will have plenty of enjoyment and feel spoiled at my Cottage!

Situated in a pet friendly neighbourhood, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, our cottage have the following services:

1. Dog Cottage Suite
2. Dog Spa
3. Doggie Day Care
4. Dog Relocation
5. Dog Products for daily needs
6. Our Beloved Customer Testimonials

Bring along all your lovely doggies to my cottage and let's the fun begin!

Yours truly,

Puppy Cottage PR Manager

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