Saturday, April 13, 2013

Testimonial from Fatty and Denny Owner - Andy Dawkins

When we decided to relocate from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok we knew we would have to leave our two pugs in KL for an extended period of time.

We knew they would be well taken care of at The Puppy Cottage as we had previously used Ryan’s services for the past 3 years when we took our vacation.

The dogs were always excited to see the staff and were very comfortable in the surroundings and being able to socialize with the other dogs.

Due to numerous delays the dogs were in Ryan’s care for three months. During that time our female developed a urinary infection which is quite common for her. The staff consulted with a vet and took care of this promptly and upon collection she was in fine health.

Our male pug is a very fussy eater and again Ryan and his staff were up to the challenge and added some soft food to get him to eat. 

Due to work constraints we were unable to spend a lot of time in KL to organize the export paperwork and government vet checks and once again Ryan came to our rescue and organized the whole thing for us. He was even prepared to organize the transportation however due to Pug’s being brachycephalic all of the airlines would not accept them as unaccompanied cargo. But again this didn’t stop Ryan he offered  to  organize transport and have them delivered by road from KL to Bangkok.

Eventually we managed to get them accepted by Thai Airways to travel with us as excess baggage and made the trip to KL on Saturday 9th Feb 2013. After visiting on Sunday morning we knew we had made the right choice to leave the dogs under The Puppy Cottage care both dog’s looks so healthy and didn’t seem to have any ill effect for being there for so long.

On Monday morning we had to call on Ryan again to go the extra mile by opening his shop early so we could make it to the Airport on time to catch our flight to Bangkok. Even though it was early both cages we ready and water bottles were filled with water ready to go.

It is not often these days to find such good service but The Puppy Cottage Team is the exception always ready to go the extra mile.

Our most heartfelt thanks to Ryan and all the staff.
Andy & Daisy Dawkins

P.S. A big WOOF from Fatty & Denny as I am sure they would agree.