Thursday, June 28, 2007

Destructive Dog Digging

My dog makes me laugh. He usually has little interest in digging, until he sees me doing it. If I dig a hole in one area, I guarantee that if I turn around, he will be giving a hand somewhere else in the garden. So why do dogs like digging so much and why in some cases this can be seriously destructive and requires corrective action ?

Dog Digging - Why ?

Our dogs early ancestors learnt the art of digging from an early age. They learn that burying food for later retrieval, kept it safe from other predators. They learnt that digging dens can help keep cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. The also learnt to dig out prey that lived underground. So it should be no surprise to find that our domestic friends still have a significant digging instinct. Dog digging is a natural canine activity for which they can find highly enjoyable and therapeutic.

In the case of the domestic dog, digging behaviour can be caused by a number of factors. One thing for sure is that they don't dig your garden up out of spite, revenge or simply the need to be destructive. Dogs are not humans and they do not think like we do.

How do I stop dog digging ?

Understanding your dog's motivation to dig helps in determining the solution to stop or reduce this behaviour. Below are some suggestions to help correct digging behaviours. It is difficult to pin dog digging down to a single cause and to some extent most digging is motivated by boredom or the sheer fun of it. In all cases, punishing dog digging (particularly after the event) does not work and in all likelihood, it will cause anxiety that may make the situation worse.

MotivationSymptomsPossible Solutions
Protection or comfortDogs that spend a great deal of time outside can resort to the instinctive desire to have shelter, a place to keep warm and secure. Usually this would be as near to you as possible, perhaps near your house walls, possibly under windows so that they can hear you. Rarely would this sort of digging be in the middle of your lawnWe never recommend leaving dogs outside for prolonged periods unattended. They are pack animals and need to be part of family life. If they are left outside, ensure your dog has a kennel near the house and possible under a window that is often open. It should not be in the hot sun or cold winds.
Recreation or BoredomFor some dogs, digging can be one of their most favourite things to do. It is one way of expelling unused energy, perhaps from lack of exercise. Other dogs simply love digging, they love the earthly smells, the feel of the mud and dirt, and the pleasure of digging.Refocusing this behaviour often achieves better results than attempting to stop it altogether. Install a digging pit filled with sand. You can start to refocus the digging by hiding treats in the sand. Also, ensure your dogs environment is full of interesting things and toys. Activity toys such as the stuffed Kongs are ideal for outside activity. Have a range of activity toys to rotate to make them seem new.
FoodSome dogs are highly motivated by food. This sort of dog digging usually takes place at the foot of trees and shrubs, rather than at walls or boundaries. The digging can be in a 'path' layout, as the dog attempts to track burrowing animals such as moles.Some say that you should look for signs of underground animals and seek ways to deter them from your garden (at Canine Concepts, we believe all animals are equal and only condone humane methods to 'deter' rather than eradicate animals). Providing other forms of activity (see digging for 'recreation and boredom') may also help. Hiding food treats in a digging pit would also help refocus this dog digging behaviour.
Attention seekingDigging in your presence is a symptom of this. Any behaviour can become attention-getting behaviour if dogs learn that they receive attention for engaging in it (even punishment is a form of attention).Ignore this dog digging behaviour. Give your dog plenty of attention and human interaction.
Seeking escapeUsually involves digging along a fence line.In this case you will need to look at the reason the dog wants to escape. These can be wide and varied and would warrant an article of its own. Some options to prevent digging at the fence line are to bury the bottom of your fence a foot or so underground, or lay chain link fence on the ground and anchor to the fence.

Well, hopefully the above article will help those of you whose dog who just love to dig your garden or lawn.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Creative Dog Pictures


The following pictures are for your viewing pleasure... :)

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Early Puppies Training...

Q: I have been told that we should not start training our puppy until they are six months old. Is this true?

A: Not true!!

For the first week or two that you have your puppy home, you will both be busy getting familiar with each other, you will be learning how to take care of your new pet’s physical needs, and very soon, it will be time to begin some training. Once a puppy is settled into the household happily and has begun to trust you, you should start early basic puppy training. Obedience classes usually require their canine students to be four months old because of medical reasons -- to protect the participants, dogs in class need to have their permanent vaccinations. Nevertheless, this does not mean your puppy cannot start her training before then. With some dog breeds, waiting until they are four months of age could mean you will have a serious behaviour problem before class even starts.

Many people still hold the presumption that young puppies are not ready to learn anything until they reach a certain age and that they should be allowed to simply grow up up with no rules or parameters. However, this may not be true because they are pack animals by nature, all canines, no matter how young, are happier and more secure when they know what is expected of them. Young wolf cubs are not allowed to simply run wild until they reach a certain age. Their mothers and the other adult pack members keep careful watch on the cubs and clearly show them exactly what they are allowed to do, where they should eliminate, and so forth. In other words, wolf cubs are given rules to live by from the moment they leave the den, for their own safety and for the good of the entire pack. Puppies need this kind of direction, too.

This is not to say that a very young puppy is ready for strict, complicated training. Nevertheless, it is receptive to you, eager to please, and will be happier and less confused if it gets clear signals from you, its combination mother and pack leader.

Whatever you call it, these early weeks of training are very important if you want your puppy to grow up to be a well-mannered dog. Just as it is never too early to socialize a puppy to handling and touching, it is never too early to begin to teach it some basic social skills such as toilet training, wearing a collar and walking on a leash, and learning its name.

Subsequently, you can start teaching your puppy simple commands like Sit, Stay and Come right now.

Keep your training periods short and fun. Puppies have very short attention spans -- there are so many things happening that are new and fascinating that it is impossible for them to be focus for very long. Work on one command at a time and end the session when they are successfully completed a command and use lots of praise and treats. You will be amazed just how fast they can learn!

Puppy Cottage provides day care services for your puppies, which are great for early socialization with strangers and other dogs, as well as building a foundation for early obedience training. They are design to help you and your puppy start your relationship off on the right foot. Moreover, they are a lot of fun for puppies and people alike!

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Friday, June 22, 2007



What are you aliens looking at? Do you know who I am?!

I am part of the Men in Black ("MIB") team. I am Frank the pug. Beware okay, don't get too near...

I will blow you into pieces and if I am no match to you, I still have my teammate to help me. ;)

Hmmm, okie okie, I admit!!!

I am not Frank from MIB, I am Rumpole. At least, I am still related to him... :)

Actually, I was at Puppy Cottage for my holiday (Boarding), while my family member is away on their trip.

I had fun at Puppy Cottage and opps I have gain weight as well. Secret yea, don't tell my family member.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Member of National Dog Groomers Association of America ("NDGAA")

We, Puppy Cottage is proud to announce that its Professional Groomer is a member of National Dog Groomers Association of America ("NDGAA").

Being a member of NDGAA, we abide by the following code of ethic:

"We, as Professional Groomer at Puppy Cottage, promise to accept our responsibilities when caring for all pets. We shall enhance their beauty through proper grooming skills to help in the creation and style best suited the individual pet and its owner, to continuously educate ourselves and our patrons in the proper care and welfare of their pets. We will not discriminate against any person - to set an example of good will and integrity, show affectionate understanding and gentleness to all and always perform our duties in humane manner."

~ As a member of National Dog Grooming Association Of America

Below is an abstract About NDGAA taken from its website, (

Mission Statement:

For over 38 years the association has worked with groomers throughout the world promoting and encouraging professionalism and education in order to upgrade the image of the pet grooming profession. Our goal is to unite groomers through membership, to promote communication with colleagues, to set recognized grooming standards and to offer those seeking a higher level of professional recognition the opportunity to have their grooming skills certified.

Company Profile:

NDGAA was established in 1969. We are a professional membership association of persons engaged in the grooming and care of dogs for the promotion of excellence in professional standards.

Thus, with us abiding to NDGAA code of ethic, we hope we will have your confidence in us giving your pet dog the style/ grooming best suited to them and continuously to educate ourselves and you, our customers in the proper care and welfare of your pet dog.

Kindly click here to read on Puppy Cottage's Professional Groomer Achievement.

Please click here, if you are interested in giving your pet dog a new colour hairdo.

In addition, click here to pampered your beloved doggie to a range of pampering spa treatments.

For more information on how we sanitaries our grooming tools, kindly click here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Things We Can Learn from a Dog...

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joyride.

Allow the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face to be pure ecstasy.

When loved ones come home, always run to greet them.

When it's in your best interest, practise obedience.

Let others know when they've invaded your territory.

Take naps and stretch before rising.

Run, romp and play daily.

Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.

Be loyal.

Never pretend to be something you're not.

If what you want lies buried, dig until you find it.

When someone is having a bad day, be silent, sit close by and nuzzle him or her gently.

Thrive on attention and let people touch you.

Avoid bitting when a simple growl will do.

On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.

When you're happy, dance around and wag your entire body.

No matter how often you're scolded, don't buy into the guilt thing and right back and make friends.

Delight in the simple joys of a long walk.

~ B. Garrett

Well, what do you people think? Can we learn from our pet dogs...

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Free WiFi Access

To all Internet freak,

We would like to announce that Puppy Cottage has free WiFi/ Wireless Internet access, therefore you can surf the internet while waiting for your beloved dog to be given a lovely grooming session.

Thus, remember to bring along your notebook when you visit Puppy Cottage to enjoy the free WiFi facility. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Olivia off to Good Home...

A couple by the name of Dr. Ong and Dr. Cindy came into our cottage looking for puppies and they have their eye on Olivia. Subsequently, Olivia is fated to be part of their family member.

Background on little Olivia:

Olivia, a female shih tzu, daughter to a Grand Asian and Malaysian Champion with MKA certificate.

Below is the picture of Mr. and Mrs. Ong with Olivia:

We, Puppy Cottage, are proud to welcome Mr. and Mrs. Ong and their lovely Olivia to be part of Puppy Cottage's family. We are in no doubt, together as a family, there will be more moment of joy to share with each other in our journey with Olivia. :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prince + Harry in our Cottage

Hi all,

On one fine day, Prince was in our cottage to enjoy our Cottage Suite and other facilities. It was fun to see two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Prince + Harry, Puppy Cottage PR Manager) running and playing around our cottage. Below is the picture of them both together:

From left: Prince and Harry

Ain't they adorable?

By the way, if you all have not figure it out yet, Prince Harry was at our cottage for holiday.


Well, the answer is Prince + Harry = Prince Harry. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some Doggie Quotes

These are some of the few dog quotes we find it interesting. Just want to share it with you all. Enjoy it...

Children growing up with pets they love and care for seem to turn out to be good parents and more selfless mates ~ Roger Caras

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~ Bern Williams

The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too. ~ Samuel Butler, Notebooks, 1912

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive. ~ Gilda Radner

Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made. ~ Roger Caras

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. ~ Josh Billings

Puppies are nature's remedy for feeling numerous other ailments of life. ~ Richard Allan Palm

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Surprise Party!!!

The date was 11.5.2007 and it falls on a Friday.

We, Puppy Cottage have been planning a party for weeks ahead. What kind of party? Well, it is actually a birthday party for my PR Manager, Harry. He is celebrating his one year old birthday on the date stated above.

The birthday cake that was served on that day was banana cake with cheese topping.

Yummy right? Below is Harry's birthday cake:

Harry's Birthday Cake

With the guests (boarding, day care - benefit of the day care and boarding and walk in client) arriving and we were busy preparing the cake for the host, the guests were left to introduce among themselves. Well, the guests did introduce themselved well. Below is a picture of them introducing themselves:

Who are you? have we met?

It is finally prepared, the birthday cake is on the table, with everyone gather around the birthday boy, birthday song were sang to him. Below are some of the pictures showing Harry with his cake:

Harry with his cake

Harry smelling his cake. Tasty?

Ever seen dog blowing a birthday cake candle? Below is picture of Harry blowing the fire off from the candle:


Done!!! I am one year old. :)

Harry said "One more step before I can enjoy my cake. Do you know what is it? Hmmmm, I have to cut my cake first. Quick Quick..."

Harry cutting his cake

Finally, it is time for Harry to grab a bite for himself. Yes, we allowed him to eat it first before his guest have a taste of his cake. Ain't we bad? Well after all, it is his birthday...

Hmmm, let's try it first.

Too good!!!

Tongue licking good, mate!!!

Lastly, it is time to serve the guest with the delicious cake. Below is a picture of Mocha enjoying the cake.

This stuff is good!!!

Following are more pictures of the birthday party...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our Cottage Suites

Quietly positioned amongst the pet friendly neighborhood, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, with half an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre, Puppy Cottage, is the perfect place for your dog to be while you are away...

Our cottage only specialize and cater to the needs of dogs in all shapes and sizes. They will have fun and be cared for like how they felt at home.

The followings pictures unveil our cottage suites build with your pet dog comfort in our mind.

Our cottage suites are fitted with ventilation systems to provide outflow of air around the area. Furthermore, we have also fitted an inflow ventilation system to complete the air circulation cycle in the suites area.

In addition, an
air conditioner is install to give your pet dog a cool environment while they are sleeping in their suites.

The suites area are equip with
mosquitoes and insects repellent to safeguard your pet dog from any harmful disease that are carried and caused by mosquitoes and insects. (e.g. heartworm, tick fever)

Lastly, the suites area is
fitted with night light to ease the stress to your pet doggies.

Moreover, we are proud to inform that we are the first pet shop in Malaysia that allows you to view your pet dog via an online application. 

As a 1st in Malaysia to be an active member of Pet Care Services Association ("PCSA"), formerly known as American Boarding Kennels Association, Puppy Cottage has fullfills PCSA Code of Ethics and Pet Owners' Bill of Rights. Kindly click here to know more about PCSA.

Equipped with a Comfortable and Fun Play Area

Our comfortable play areas will surely have your pet dogs plenty of dog-ercise and leg stretching and not just be inside the suites 24 hours for the rest of their stay with us. A favourite with our regular guests!  It provide an intense play session with fun and socialisation with other doggie and of course plenty of cuddling from us. This will give them plenty of activities and enjoyment which will increase their liking to us during their holiday at our cottage. That is why it is important that your pet dog must pass our temperament evaluation test to prevent any mishap from happening due to aggression.

Cottage Rules and Acceptance Policy

We, Puppy Cottage, have stringent rules and acceptance policy to be followed before your pet dog is able to check-in to our cottage suites. Following are the rules:
  • All dogs must be on current vaccination. Bordatella vaccination is recommended;
  • All dogs are required to pass our temperament evaluation;
  • All dogs must be on fleas and ticks prevention;
  • All dogs must be free of contagious skin problem;
  • A minimum of 50% deposit will be collected upon check-in;
  • Others not mentioned rules and acceptance policy apply upon check-in.
The above rules and acceptance policy are applied to all dogs that will be boarding with us or have boarded with us. No exception shall be given.

Lastly, with the stringent rules and acceptance policy that we enforced on all our dog customers, we hope you will feel confidence and comfortable in boarding your pet dogs in our cottage suites.
Visitors are Welcome

Please feel free to visit our cottage and experience first-hand the quality service and accommodation.

We accept visitors anytime during our operating hours:

Hours: 11am – 7pm
Closed: Every Tuesday

Please contact us at 603 7722 2078 for further information regarding our cottage suites.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The 1st Pet Shop in Malaysia to offer CCTV Facility for its Cottage Suite/ Boarding and Day Care Centre

To all dog lover out there,

We, Puppy Cottage, is proud to announce that we are the 1st pet shop in Malaysia to have CCTV that will enable you, pet dog owner, to view your dog via internet when your pet dog is boarding in our cottage suite or having fun in our doggie day care facility.

We, Puppy Cottage, believe that with such a facility, you would be at ease when you leave your pet dog with us while your family and yourself are away.

To know more about Puppy Cottage being the 1st active member in Pet Care Services Association ("PCSA"), formerly known as American Boarding Kennels Association, kindly click here.

To view our cottage suites area please click here.

To know how we sanitaries our Cottage, kindly click here.

In addition, click here or here to see a glimpse of what will happen when your pet dog is boarding with us.

Please contact us for further information on the CCTV facility provided by Puppy Cottage.

Going for the Throat

The following article was obtain from

Though illegal, dog fighting continues to draw crowds hungry for the sight of blood and the gambling thrill. A law enforcement officer takes us inside this underground world.

By Steve Tuttle

June 4, 2007 - The recent discovery of dozens of dogs and dog-fighting paraphernalia at a house owned by NFL superstar Michael Vick has drawn much media attention to this centuries-old blood sport. Illegal in all 50 states, dog fighting still has a loyal underground following. Millions of dollars are wagered annually on the outcomes of these outlaw matches, and the Humane Society of the United States estimates that participants and spectators number in the tens of thousands.

NEWSWEEK’s Steve Tuttle talked to Detective C. R. Beals of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to better understand just exactly what goes on at one of these gory fights. Beals, who has focused on this type of crime for over a decade, has been an expert witness in a number of dog-fighting cases and is his department’s blood sport authority, which also includes cockfighting.


What happens at a typical organized dog fight?

C. R. Beals: There are three basic types of dog fighting. There are the professional dog fights—I hate to use the word professional and dog fighting in the same sentence. There are the hobbyists, or the persons who aspire to be professional dog fighters, and then there are the street-level fighters, the gangbangers who torture their dogs into being mean and they’ll fight anything.
What about the professionals?

On the professional level it's very well organized. The secrecy is very, very heavy. They will fly dogs across the United States. The matches are set up either by phone or by Internet and the meet can be a neutral place for both parties. The dogs are fought in a very strict weight class. If your dog doesn't come in at the weight it’s supposed to for the match, you forfeit the entry fee, which can be pretty heavy sometimes. At a fight back East several years back the police took over $500,000 from the participants and spectators there. Let’s be honest, if I'm willing to put my dog on a plane to fly to a neutral spot to fight your dog, I'm not going to do it just for grins.

Describe the start of a fight.The handlers say, “Face your dogs!” At that point, the dogs are turned around and faced toward each other. There is what they call the scratch line, and when the dog crosses that line he is “scratched,” meaning he has full intent to get involved in the fight. The dogs are released from the corner, they “scratch,” and then engage. At times the impact of the dogs blocking up is audible, you can hear them collide with one another. It's unbelievable. There is no collar, nothing. They're completely void of any type of control or restraint.

How do you know who wins?

If a dog refuses to scratch, or if the dog jumps out of the ring or refuses to fight, it's over. If a dog gets a lucky shot, if you get a dog that zips in and hits just right and takes out a jugular, the dog is all done. If you get a dog with a broken limb or a broken leg, it’s over. Broken limbs are common. You just see how much punishment the other dog will take until he just gives up or he's incapacitated so he can't fight any more.

How long can a fight last?

It varies; it's like a boxing match. But there are timed rounds and they have rest periods and go at it again.

How big do the crowds get?

For security reasons, the crowds are kept as small as possible.

What are the venues like?

The venue can be anything, anywhere. It can be a barn, a commercial building. I have actually seen where they have gone into a housing tract and they broke into a new home and used one of the rooms for a pit. It can be any place that will afford the secrecy they need to prevent getting apprehended.

How are the dogs isolated from the people at a fight?In the professional world, a man-eater, or a dog that will bite other people, cannot be tolerated and will most likely be destroyed. There are two handlers, either the owner or designated handler, and a referee in the pit with the dogs. The dog has to concentrate on the other dog.

Don’t they have a wall?

They do separate and contain the dogs, because they lock up and start tumbling around. The walls are usually 18 to 25 feet, round or square, and usually two and a half to four feet high. They use plyboard, hay bales, any type of barrier. The preference is dirt floor but they also use carpeting to allow dogs to get good traction.

How do they separate them if they’re locked up?

They use what they call a “breaking stick.” It's a misnomer that the pit bull's jaw locks, but they have such hellacious tenacity that once they get a hold they are not going to let go. Both handlers will have a breaking stick in their pocket, nine to 15 inches long with a flat point on one end of it. It’s generally something rigid made of wood or white nylon like cutting boards or plastic. They pry the jaws apart and pull the dogs back to the corner and sponge them like a boxer.

How many dogs are killed in the fights?

Most likely the dogs will be stopped short of death, however there are a number of other things that go beyond that and it just depends on how good of a vet the owner is. You can't go to the neighborhood vet with a dog that you fought because you’d be turned in. Most of them practice their own style of veterinary medicine. Dogs die of infection, they die of shock after the fight, or they're injured so bad they just expire. The actual death in the ring is probably not as often as one might think.

What do they do with dogs that aren’t good fighters?

They think, why waste dog food on them. We’re talking dollars and cents. If it isn’t going to make a yield there’s no reason to feed it. That sounds cold, but I’m being bluntly honest. I have actually gone to a place where one of the ways to get rid of a dog was simply attaching a raw electrode to the dog’s tongue and a raw electrode to his testicles and then plugging it into the wall. That’s sick.

How do they train the dogs?

These dogs are conditioned, not trained. That entails such things as treadmills, or cat-mills—they'll either use a caged cat or a rabbit. They’ll simply tie a cat or rabbit to a hot walker like for a horse—it’s a big thing that looks like a merry go round with spokes on it. They’ll tie a dead cat or a live cat to one of the spokes and tie the dog to one of the other spokes and let him tug that around all day. They use weight training where they have the dogs pull weighted sleds. Then they have the spring pole, which is simply either a tree or a large pole with a spring or a cable or tire on it and the dog will jump up and grab it. He will actually hang on to it and bounce and have his own personal tug of war.

What is the “keep?”

The keep is the intense conditioning period in prep for the fight. During that period of time the dog is handled regularly, exercised regularly. His diet is monitored, he is given vitamins, and his weight is monitored.

What is the rape box?

These dogs are trained to be nasty towards another dog, so consequently if you’re going to breed you don't want a female that’s in heat tearing up your stud. So you put her in a rape box, which means you basically tie her to a barrel. Then you put him in there with a muzzle on and he does his thing and leaves.

How do bets get placed?

There will be an entry fee into the thing. That comprises the purse and the winner gets that. Then the owners of the dogs will have side bets between themselves. They'll probably cover some action with other people in the audience, and there will be side bets between people in the audience. Sometimes they take outside action and actually film the fight, so you can view it at a later date if you disagree about how your money was won or lost and you weren't among the chosen few who attended.

Are the fights moving away from pit bulls to other breeds?

You hear that from time to time. Over history there have been a number of dogs tried—the Shar-Pei was raised as a pit dog but now they're a trendy pet. But pound for pound they always come back to the little pit bull terrier because they're more bang for your buck, they're the best things going. They’re small, they’re compact, and they work well for that kind of scenario. The only reason for dog fighting is gambling, period. It's just like cock fighting. It's strictly a gambling scenario, nothing more. They raised Rhodesian Ridgebacks for fighting; Rottweilers are something you’d see on the street level.

How big is this subculture?

The level that garners the most attention is street level because it's in your face and it's practiced by gangs. They'll use anything that has four legs, preferably if it looks like a pit bull, but they’ll use Rots or anything else. But professional dog fighting is also there, and it's very, very hard to stumble on. It's real hard to say exactly how big it is, but it is prevalent.

How do you catch these guys?

We use informants, we use people in the neighborhood that call in, we use something as simple as somebody driving by who saw a bunch of dogs staked out. People love animals and when they see something that doesn't look right and they're likely to tell someone and it filters back to us. There are informants, people who didn't think they got a fair shake at a fight who will turn in folks.

Why do you think professional athletes would be into something like this?

I will be very honest—and I hate to say it—but there have been law-enforcement officers involved, professional athletes, professional people, blue-collar people, gangster people. It's a mixed bag.

Where do they house these dogs?

Wherever they can. Sometimes warehouses, garages, sometimes “on the yard” as they refer to it. That means they drive a car axle into the ground, put a piece of chain on the axle, and put a dog on the end of the chain, and that’s where the dog lives.

Is it bigger than cockfighting?

I wouldn't say which is largest; it depends on where you are geographically in the country. It's a gambling "sport," and wherever they can do either one they will.

How do they keep the fight locations secret?

They use countersurveillance—or as we call it dry cleaning—they use background checks, phone calls. There’s secrecy, mystique. You might make an arrangement for a fight and they say show up at the Howdy Doody Motel at 6 o’clock Wednesday evening on the 24th. And when you go there and you check in pretty soon you get a phone call in your room that says go to this corner. A car will pick you up, take you someplace else, and then you’ll be offloaded out of the car and onto a bus or something. It's very, very cloak and dagger.

I guess they feel like they have to do all that?

Yes, because there are people who are animal lovers who would do everything up to and including put a bullet into some of these clowns

Well, I have heard of cockfight, but unfortunately this is something new to me and it is sickening to have read such a thing. The fact is that Pit Bull are known for its aggressive behaviour, however I believe they deserve our love rather than being raised to fight and hurt itself in the fighting ring. Did we give up our love for dog just for our entertainment purposes? Wake up!!!

Disclaimer: Reading materials in this site are obtained from its respective website and it is for information purposes only. It is not Puppy Cottage Sdn. Bhd. view and it is not to be used against Puppy Cottage Sdn. Bhd.