Friday, June 22, 2007



What are you aliens looking at? Do you know who I am?!

I am part of the Men in Black ("MIB") team. I am Frank the pug. Beware okay, don't get too near...

I will blow you into pieces and if I am no match to you, I still have my teammate to help me. ;)

Hmmm, okie okie, I admit!!!

I am not Frank from MIB, I am Rumpole. At least, I am still related to him... :)

Actually, I was at Puppy Cottage for my holiday (Boarding), while my family member is away on their trip.

I had fun at Puppy Cottage and opps I have gain weight as well. Secret yea, don't tell my family member.

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jeffrey said...

oh!!! what big eyes you have... lol... Cute ^_^