Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Part 2 - More on Nila Stay in Puppy Cottage


2nd & the 3rd Month

Well well, it has been so quick. Nila was already three months in our cottage. Her stays here are getting more and more interesting by the days!

Where to start?

Ok, she was invited to one of her friend (Charlie) birthday party that was held in our cottage. Overall, we are pretty sure she enjoyed it and she even gave the birthday boy a big big hug. Below are some of the birthday party pictures:

Birthday Party!!! Nila is curious where did the nice smell came from???

Hey Birthday Boy, let me give you a birthday hug!!!

Yummy, the cake taste delicious!!!

Do you all know that Nila has a favourite sleeping spot for her afternoon nap? The spot is actually next to our grooming door. The place is very cosy, away from the hustle and bustle of our cottage life and most importantly, she is near to us.

Hey, you are intruding my sleeping privacy!!!

Nila now love to be groomed!!! She can fall asleep while being groomed now as compared to her first time, whereby her eyes will be wide open and from her facial expression it will show: Ok...what are you guys up too?? To prove her enjoyment, we have taken a shot of her in her dreamland. :)

Just like a Queen. Nila in her dream world...

Ah yes, during her stay with us in our cottage, she has met with two little nice pugs. Their name are Pickle and Harley and both of them like to play and entertained their friends in our cottage just like their owner, whom entertain us, Malaysian, on Mix FM. (Mix FM's DJ, Jojo Struys)

In the background, the two entertainers, sleeping. By the way, this is Nila favourite spot for her to see us when we are having our meal.

Finally, just a snap shot of how Nila will look like after playing... :P

I know, I know. Dirty and wet!!! Hahaha...

The following are more of Nila's picture in a slide show. Enjoy!!!

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