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Part 1 - Nila in Our Cottage...

To Elena and all readers of our blog,

For introduction purposes, Nila, a beautiful Poodle mix Cocker Spaniel was homed at our Cottage while awaiting to be reunited with her owner, Elena, in Melbourne, Australia.

The reason she was homed in our Cottage was due to the stringent Australian rules & regulations on importing dogs to their country.

This post will be dedicated to Nila and we will try to update this post regularly to keep you, Elena updated on your baby girl and to those whom are interested to follow Nila stays in our Cottage.

Below is a countdown tracker indicating the days till Nila will be able to be with her family again:

Nila First Week at Our Cottage

Getting used and adopting to our Cottage's environment was the story of Nila in her first week. After all, she was used to be pampered by Elena and being the only child in her family, it makes thing a bit complicated.

Socialising with other dogs was a little uncomfortable for her on the first few days, she would be bossy and will not hesitate to give them a warning. However, we are pleased to inform Elena, she is getting along fine now, she will make the initiative to play with other dogs now, especially the rougher one.

On the other hand, we noticed that she does not like to be disturbed when she is having her nap, she will scold them. Such a princess right?? :P

In addition, she loves the ring ring toy we gave to her to play with. Alas, she destroyed the ring ring toy which is far too small for her, but she enjoyed destroying it though. :)

She is eating her kibbles well during her first week, considering she was on BARF diet previously. The first few days she was not able to share her bowl of food with Mia, Toy Poodle, but now she is able to share her bowl with her. Good progress in her learning curve.

Oh yea, caught her peeing in our Cottage!!! Not good, not good...have to rectify this.

The First Month

So far so good!!! Her stay with us was a pleasant one, to say the least. We are proud to inform Elena that her beloved baby girl has settled down very well in her new home, our cottage, at least for another 5 months.

One part of Nila life's in our cottage consists of grooming. Below are two pictures taken while she has her nails cut. Relatively easy right or was it the opposite?

"Just relax and it will be done" said Miss Fanny...

What are you looking at??!!

Now every dogs that comes to our Cottage, either for boarding or day care are greeted by her with a smile. She is one of the busy body girls who will go and sniff/ smell out the new comers. If she was in our grooming room, she will jumped up the grooming table to have a peek at the new comer, even though that table has an occupant on it. Below are snap shots to present to you Nila hidden skill, Jumping!!!

Haha, my ball. I am going to get it, no problem!!!

1st Step...

Got it...

So easy, what did I told you earlier... :)

For your information, when Nila play, she plays very rough. Let's see how rough is she...

Nila together with Pudding...

Watch out for my teeths!

Catch Me if You Can!!!

Where do you think you are going?? Haha...

Sad to say that humping others is one of it... ;)

It is embarrassing. Please don't see!!! :P

Toys Toys...Nila now has plenty of them, from nylon bone to cotton strings bone and raw hide (this is eatable). She will play with all of them, she will fetch, chew and bite on it. However, there is a particular toy that is her favourite. Elena, please guess it?

Raw Hide, anyone?

Yes, it is the green ball!!! favourite green ball

Last Tuesday (27.5.2008), Nila went to Shah Alam, Malaysia for her blood test. According to the vet, the blood sample will be sent to Australia for their further examination. Well, Australia is famous for their stringent rules & laws.

Nevertheless, everything went according to plan. Nila was back in our cottage in the evening as schedule. Below is a photo shot of Nila's hand reviewing a shave patch. Wonder what is it for?

Can you spot it?

Please do not be worried, the shave patch was for extraction of blood sample.

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