Saturday, January 09, 2010

Yet Again Puppy Cottage has been Featured in Pets Magazine...

Hi all,

We would like to thanks Pets Magazine, whom has taken their time to featured us, Puppy Cottage in one of its article.

For those whom does not knows how to read in Chinese, it is an article rating our boarding area being 5 stars hotel.

We have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Page 1

Page 2

Dear Chewy, Tommy, Buddy & Prince's Daddy and Mommy,

Your babies were featured on the Newspaper!!!

Happy reading...

News Strait Times has Featured Us, Puppy Cottage in its Newspaper...

The title of the write up is "Canine Haven"

We would like to say thank you to The News Strait Times Newspaper, whom has taken their time to write about us, Puppy Cottage.

Kindly click here to read the internet version on NST website.

In addition, we have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Page 1

Page 2

Dear Buffy and Bubbles's Daddy and Mommy,

Your babies were featured on the Newspaper!!!

Happy reading...

Friday, January 08, 2010

Special Chinese New Year Prosperity Spa

Dear all,

Bring your beloved doggie friends for our special Chinese New Year Prosperity Spa to be indulge into an incomparable and nurturing wellness spa experiences ensconced in the splendour and tranquillity the nature has to offer, just at Groomers Connection.

Our spa session is on appointment basis only, kindly give us a call to reserve the spa room for your sons and daughters.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Testimonial from Lucky Parent - Fabian and Willa Solibun

Dear Puppy Cottage,

Thank you so much for taking care of Lucky during her 4 months stay there.

Lucky is our mischievous but loving Border Collie, which we love to bits. Early this year, we made a decision to do a major renovation on our house. During the renovation period, we had a hard time keeping her in our rented apartment. She is really a spoilt brat and when it came to board her we searched high and low for a suitable place. We actually tried a couple of places before, but often found her either lonely or ended up with skin problems.

Hence, we turned to the Internet in search of a safe/clean place to board her for this long duration. We ended up on the Puppy Cottage blog and reading the testimonial from Elena and Max. We called the next day and thanked God there was a place for her.

Lucky was unfortunately not socializing well with other dogs. We were a bit nervous when we sent Lucky on the first day. Could she adjust well now that there were suddenly other dogs around?

Every morning both of us would go to our office and log on to the web cam to see how she was doing. We were both so happy when we saw Lucky playing with other dogs and it seems that she has a thing for Golden Retrievers. We then felt rest assured that she will be fine.

Another thing that we notice was when we visited her on weekends; her fur was shiny and soft. My husband has always disagreed with my amateurish way of grooming Lucky due to this one attempt where I kinda over did it. Hence, we decided to leave it to the expert and we are so fortunate that we could still now send Lucky to Puppy Cottage for grooming.

Lucky now enjoys her new house. There are changes in her after her stay at Puppy Cottage.. She is now not that nervous when she is around other dogs. We also saw another side of her, where she is really protective over her loved ones…She doesn’t normally bark but now, she’ll let us know when a stranger is at our front gate. I guessed she picked that up from there as well (If you visit Puppy Cottage, you’ll understand what I mean).

Thank you again to the crew and fellow occupants of Puppy Cottage for taking care of Lucky and making her stay a pleasant one.

-Fabian & Willa-

p.s: Attached is a picture of Lucky and her new partner in crime Count Dooku

Disclaimer: Letter and Picture posted are properties of Lucky's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Lucky Star!!!

Hi all,

A Lucky star has fallen into Puppy Cottage for four months. Oh yea, four great months!!! She had told us that her planet is under major renovation, thus the need to stay on our earth.

Lucky is a female Border Collie, which is our very first border collie star to board with us.

Lucky was a very shy and timid border collie. The first few days, she will hide in her UFO whenever she saw us coming. She did the same thing with the rest of her earth doggie friends.

However, with our patience and love, we finally manage to win her heart and from that day onward it was just fun, laughter and trust between Lucky and us.

Furthermore ,being the only alien dog in Puppy Cottage, Lucky is not used to being with the earthly dogs. Since we mentioned about it, she might not even know what does dogs mean.

As a Border Collie herself, Lucky pick things up relatively fast and she manage to get used to Puppy Cottage environment rather quickly.

Within a week, she started playing with other dogs and she loves Husky, Beagle, Labrador and her lover, a Golden Retriever.

Did we mentioned lover?

Yes, Lucky falls in love with a handsome and charming Prince, who is a Golden Retriever. Both of them will play, love each other and of course protect each other. It is a joy and fun to watch their lovely nature towards each other.

The Thai Prince is currently having his holiday with us in Puppy Cottage before he plans to fly to Australia. If you would like to read more about his stay with us, pls click here.

Below is a picture of the two lover:

Another great act from Lucky, the super sonic charge from her while greeting us is always a nice gesture from her. Sometime the impact can be so strong, her weight alone will make us fall.

Below is a picture of her doing her stunt (Luckily I still manage to hang on to snap a picture of her :P)

Below is a picture of her with Charlie (a show quality beagle whom demand his owner to bring him to Puppy Cottage whenever he feels boring):

After the funfilled four months, Lucky has finally flew back to the planet she called home.

However, we will miss her tricks and joy that we had together in Puppy Cottage.

We would like to wish Lucky and her family all the happiness in their newly renovated planet.

In addition, we would like to thanks Lucky and her owner for trusting our planet temporarily and us, Puppy Cottage in taking care of Lucky.

It has been a pleasure to have you with us!

P/S: Heard that Lucky has a new partner in crime called Count Dooku. :) Hope to see the two of you in our Cottage real soon...

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Term & Condition of Puppy Cottage :P (Tommy & Chewy = TC = Term & Condition)

Hi all,

Puppy Cottage has introduced new term and condition (T&C) for all our boarding and grooming guests. This new T&C have changed the lifestyle in Puppy Cottage significantly.

The T&C will be implemented for at least a year.

With the implementation of the new T&C, we have seen a significant improvement in the greeting and welcoming department. The playing became lively and enjoyable. In addition, the routine became more stringent yet easy to be followed by others. Furthermore, everybody have become more alert and the greetings of new friends are friendlier and warmer.

Lastly, security was tighter ever since the introduction of the new term and condition.

Now, allow me to introduce the new term and condition to all of you -----> (T&C) TOMMY & CHEWY !!

Handsome Tommy

Macho Chewy


A little bit of background on how we drafted the new Term & Condition of Puppy Cottage.

Both of them came to us when they were still puppies and Tommy is the older brother of Chewy.

Tommy is a Silky Terrier and he was an anti social dog. Does not want to play with the rest of the dogs. Rather be alone and bark at any dogs whom wish to play with him.

AKA as Teddy Bear

On the other hand, Chewy, a West Highland White Terrier, a playful and active little boy, will storm his way into our cottage everytime he is at our door and start to play and wrestle his friends.

The Boss


These two little cute fellas are superbly alert, will bark on any moving object (human included). When you pay us a visit at Puppy Cottage, you will surely be greeted by them without fail! If you don't believe us, do drop by and you will know. :P

Wrestling with each other

Standard Operating Procedure

Both smarties, have a set of standard operating procedure to follow everyday.

Morning: In the morning, being awaken by the sound of food preparation, they will be waiting anxiously in their suite to come out and have their usual morning business done. Once done, they will make sure they are the first to be queuing at the day care door, and the reason is because it is feeding time!

Where are the food?

Once the makan (breakfast) session is over, Chewy will wait anxiously to get back inside to greet all his morning friends, while Tommy will wait at the other exit!

Not so fast Tommy boy, you will have to follow Chewy back inside the day care room again. Once all the friends are fed, Tommy boy will be the first to rush out of door and out to the play area to......Poo! Ahhh....Relieved...Now we know why (a bit of bad habit though)... :)

I am relieved!

Day Time: During the day, it is all about Fun ~~ Playing ~~ Sleeping!!! Inviting their friends to play with them and at the same time, making sure the security in Puppy Cottage is safe (barking :P )

Did we actually mentioned that both of them invited their friends to play? Yea, you read it right, Tommy now is a change man! He started to accept the doggie friends around him and will start the initiative to play with the rest of his doggies friend.

Quote "you are still able to teach an old dog new tricks!"

Chewy is the head of the security in our Cottage. He kinda boss the rest around him. When he is asleep, nobody dare to go near him and usually the new member whom does not know the routine of the BOSS, will be given a warning by the BOSS.

The Boss taking his usual nap on his sofa

Sleeping Time: Somehow, both cuties, has a clock in them because when it is bed time, they will be the first to go in.

All our regular customers in Puppy Cottage loves Tommy and Chewy. They are a pair that can't be ignored. Tommy usually will lead the barking and Chewy will be sitting next to him, waiting to be touched rather than bark.

Even newspaper writers, magazine writers and photographers love them! Below are the pictures taken by them:

Pets Magazine, Issue no. 35, January/ February 2010 - Puppy Cottage Voted 5 Stars Hotel

News Straits Times Press, Streets, January 20, 2010 - Sit, Roll Over and Stay in Comfort

In addition, a special thanks to their handsome and beautiful owner for allowing us to have Chewy as the grooming model for our Groomers Connection Academy flyer.

Below is the picture taken from the handsome Chewy for our flyer.


Chewy was brought out with us to Doggie Day Out, whereby Gromers Connection Academy is the proud sponsor of the event...however, Tommy did not join us, because as part of the security team, he got to take care of his friends and wait for the next day out. Below is a picture of Chewy being groomed to be at his best during the day.

Preparation for the handsome boy

On our second outing, this time both of them came with us. Headed to Healing Pets Veterinary to see the handsome vet, Dr. Steven for medical check out together with vaccination...both brave soul did not even show sign of fear. Chewy really show the spirit of highlander (the true spirit of the Scottish), which we guess has been passed down to his brother, Tommy as well.

Part II to be continue. Stay tune.