Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prince of the Year!!!

Puppy Cottage's third quarter of the year started off with welcoming of a handsome prince to our cottage.

It was a surprise visit from this Prince of Thailand...yea, he is from Bangkok, Thailand and he has chosen us to be his stop over holiday destination for at least six months before proceeding back to Australia.

Prince, is a male golden retriever and do you believe we have not even seen the King or Queen of this Prince. We, Puppy Cottage would like to express our gratitute for trusting us tremendously in taking care of your son.

1st three months:

As his name has suggested, royal pampering was required from his royal highness. A daily walks of two times are required by him, once in the morning and once in the evening. On top of that, a meal fit for a prince would have to be served to him. Prince knows when is his meal time! When it is feeding time, he will start to sound for his guards to bring his food to him. However, we guess the meal are too delicious till our Prince gain a little weight. :)

Routine Routine Routine...Prince is so used to his regular routine; from morning walk till bed time, he knows when it all should happen. So smart as a prince.

This little Prince has his own tricks of begging for treats and he does it wonderfully well. Below is a picture of him doing his tricks, cute right for a big golden. :P

As a Prince, we guess he is very much used to being the only dog in the palace, thus he had a culture shock when he saw so many friends around him and it took him quite a while to get used to the crowds.

Nevertheless, he has now started to get used to his friends around him although he still has his preference for friends. Below are pictures of him playing with his friends. One of the photo shot is like the story of David versus Goliath in the bible:

Following are few more shots of Prince playing with Snowy, the Siberian Husky and by the way is one of his best friends in our Cottage. Lucky the Border Collie and Milo the American Cocker Spaniel are some of his best friends as well.

Please do stay tune for more on Prince stay with us...

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