Full Grooming by Celebrity Meritus Master Pet Stylist

Rachel Yeoh MERITUS, MPS, DPS, ISCC, B. Business, PCAM

Rachel the owner and founder of Puppy Cottage, the 1st USA ISCC Meritus Master Pet Stylist in Asia and  USA ISCC Dermatech Pet Skin Specialist whom has finished  practical test, Sporting breed, Non-Sporting and Terrier breed certification in just one day, a history for ISCC.

She was graduated from Sydney, Australia with a Bachelor of Business degree, majoring in accounting and finance. Upon graduate, worked as an auditor and accountant in the top two firm in the world, but due to her passion in art and love for animals, it led her to pursue her dream to become a professional pet stylist.

In 2006, she won 1st place in an International Grooming Competition and was awarded Rising Star.

Between years 2007 to 2008, she started apprenticing other groomers under her.

Year 2009, she formally open a Pet Styling Academy (GCA - Groomers Connection Academy) whereby she developed her unique fusion trimming style methodology, which combines Western breed standard profiles with Asian adorable pet styling. This methodology of hers, has being appreciated and recognized worldwide by all professional stylists.

Rachel has been well known in the industry with her expertise, which were covered in many different major presses, and social medias, which include The Star, NST, TheEdge, International magazines, blogs and etc.

Seminar at USA

She has won many prestigious awards through out her career, including best designer award, best groomer of the year and second best creative award held by USA creative groomers team. 

In addition, she gave a lot of seminars and her expertise has been seek Internationally by being specially invited to give seminars in countries such as Japan and United States. She is the first and still the only Malaysian Pet Stylist being invited to United States as a speaker. She loves to share her knowledge by giving back to fellow professional stylists and society. She also enjoyed nurturing new and experienced pet stylists to groom the pets with love, skill, technique and professionalism. Her loves for pets lead her to encourage all her students and staffs to participate in pet welfare and often organize charity events. 

Please give us a call at 03 77287299 to make an appointment for Rachel to style and beautified your lovely doggies!

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