Testimonial & Press

Good Day from us, Puppy Cottage.

It was really fantastic to have your lovely dogs stayed and groomed with us and that have made it more satisfying for all of us to learn that we have managed to fulfill the expectations of another lovely dogs and their owner.

We look forward to welcoming all of you back to Puppy Cottage again soon, and trust that your future visits will be just as enjoyable and more fulfilling. ☺

Thank you once again to all our lovely dogs customers and we sincerely invite you to read the lovely testimonials from our loyal customers and recognition we received from the press.

Following are links to our testimonial and press write up:

In addition, we would like to hear from your lovely cats on their experience with us, not just on boarding but the spa session as well. Please feel free to 

e-mail to us your testimonial to puppycottage@gmail.com

Thank you and best regards,
Puppy Cottage Management

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