Thursday, December 04, 2008

Part 4 - Nila Depart from Puppy Cottage to Melbourne, Australia


Last Month

The last month of Nila stay with us were mixture of emotions. Why?

First of all, we were happy because Nila is finally able to be with her parent!!! Isn't it a happy and lovely feeling?

Well, as for us, we do feel sad, after all Nila has been a part of us for more than 6 months. The moment when Nila played with her friends, being the big sister in our cottage and give warning to her friends whom disturb her while see was asleep, those were the good old memories that we will always cherish.

In addition to our emotional feeling, we have to ensure Nila's health is at her optimal condition. The down under country is strict with their ruling.

Pre-Departure Day/ Preparation (19.11.2008)

On that day, while packing Nila personal belongings (ie. food bowl, towel, toy), our hearts felt heavy (guess she has really became a part of us). In addition to her belongings, we have also pack two of her favourite toys which she enjoyed during her stay with us.

We have also ensured that she had sufficient water and food during the travelling period to Australia.

In the midst of packing, Nila's owner gave us a ring. We have given them assurance that everything is OK. From the conversation, you can just imagine how anxious and excited they are.

As the day begun to tick down, Nila felt something was going on. How do we know? She did not played like usual anymore. Well dog does has a superb six sense, don't there. :D

Below is picture of Nila's Crate that we have prepared for her:

Day of Departure (20.11.2008)

The big day has arrived. Started off the day by grooming Nila. Gosh...does she look beautiful after her grooming session.

Dr. Karu came around 12pm to pick up Nila, all of us gave Nila one last hug before Dr. Karu brought her to the airport.

The moment of truth has came. Guess, we felt happier for her than being sad because she was just eight hour away from seeing her parent.

We will miss her enjoyment look of being groomed in our grooming room every Thursday, though it requires a lot of effort from us. (because of her long and thick fur) However, we persevered with it because we knew how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be and hopefully it will keep her warm during the cold night. :)

Called Dr. Karu in the evening to ensure Nila is alright and everything is going according to plan. Well the answer given by him was favourable. Nila was checked in and ready to be flown to Melbourne.

Below is a slide show on some of the pictures that were taken during her last few days with us:

Arrived in Australia (21.11.2008)

Anxiously text Elena in the morning to enquire on Nila arrival in Australia. Elena replied:

"We are with Nila now. She's great! She is playing and so excited!!! Her fur looks great and so healthy!!"
Below are pictures of Nila in Melbourne, Australia, with her owner, Max and Elena.


Disclaimer: Pictures posted in the slide above are properties of Nila's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.

To sum it all up, we, Puppy Cottage had a wonderful time and experience with Nila. Seeing her from a baby girl to a grown up girl; whereby she had learn to socialise with other dogs, shared her food and toys with the rest of her friends, and protecting her friends from being bully (alpha female) by other dogs are simply awesome!!!

To Max and Elena, we would like to thank you for trusting us so much in taking care of your beloved daughter, Nila. Appreciate it!!!

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Lastly, Nila has sent a letter to all her friends in Malaysia. Click here to read the letter.

The End

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Part 3 - Surprise to Nila Life in Our Cottage


4th & the 5th Month

Can you believe it, the 4th and 5th month of Nila stays in our Cottage have really gone by like a flash of light.

So what exactly is the surprise?

Are you ready? Nila went on a holiday with her owner. YES, you read it correctly!!! Her owner came from down under, Australia to visit her.

Opps, I forget to introduce Nila's owner, her daddy name is Max and her mom name is Elena.

According to Nila's mom, Elena, it was plan in the last minute. Well, we guess the excitement of seeing Nila again after 3 months should overcome the last minute rush & tiredness.

You should have seen Nila's wagging tail upon seeing her owner at our entrance. It was really a pleasant to watch Nila rushing to her her owner. And yes, they really hug and kiss each other a lot!!!

Below is a slide showing Nila one day outing at Shah Alam, Selangor with her owner:

Disclaimer: Pictures posted in the slide above are properties of Nila's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.

Well, beside the big surprise from the owner, her two months stay with us is not mundane at all. Her main activities for the 4th and 5th month of her stay with us are as follow:

1) Holiday with her Owner.
2) Get to enjoy birthday cake from her doggie friend, Chi Chi (click here for the link)
3) Busy posing for the camera man in order to appear in Malaysia Newspaper and Magazine.
4) Lastly, celebrated her birthday!!!

FYI, Nila birthday falls on 28 September, Sunday.

A gourmet dish was prepared specially for her during the day.

The dish consist of chicken chop and some fresh vegetables. Can you imagine the dish already? Hungry?


Chicken Chop with fresh vegetables... :p

Having a go at the chicken chop first!!!

It really taste good guys :)

Tougue licking good!!!

So bad...Nila did not finish the veges!!!

Once Nila has finish her birthday dish, she gave us two expressions. First expression was immediately after her meal, she showed a pity face to us, which she tried to indicate that she wants more chicken chop.

However, once we told her she had enough, she show us a gratitude and satisfied face. :)

Below is the two facial expression:

I want more... :(

Thank you so much guys for the birthday celebration

The link to the Nila appearance in Malaysia newspaper and magazine will be provided soon.

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Remember to stay tune for Part 4, as it will be last part before Nila leave for Australia to be with her owner...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chi Chi Brought her Birthday Cake to Puppy Cottage

Chi Chi, a lovely Golden Retriever, brought her birthday cake to be shared with all her friends in Puppy Cottage, during her stay with us.

Wonder how does the cake look like? Below is the picture of the cakes...

Nice and Yummy right?

Want to have a look at the beautiful lady?

Isn't she beautiful?

Well her cake really did brought joy and smile to Puppy Cottage on that day. All her doggies friend enjoyed the cake. Some even give the pity eye, indicating that they wanted more of it. Below slide, will give you a glimpse of Chi Chi satisfied friends...

We, Puppy Cottage on behalf of our doggie friends would like to say a big thank you to Chi Chi and her owner, Nicole & Michael for sharing her birthday cake with us.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Puppy Cottage was Featured in Marie Claire Magazine...

The title of the write up is "How Far Will You Go for Your Pet?"

We would like to thanks Marie Claire Magazine, whom has taken their time to featured us, Puppy Cottage in one of its article.

We have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Dear Cookie owner,

Lovely Cookie is in the Marie Claire Magazine, kindly click on Page 3 to look at her adorable and cute pictures.

Happy reading...

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Part 2 - More on Nila Stay in Puppy Cottage


2nd & the 3rd Month

Well well, it has been so quick. Nila was already three months in our cottage. Her stays here are getting more and more interesting by the days!

Where to start?

Ok, she was invited to one of her friend (Charlie) birthday party that was held in our cottage. Overall, we are pretty sure she enjoyed it and she even gave the birthday boy a big big hug. Below are some of the birthday party pictures:

Birthday Party!!! Nila is curious where did the nice smell came from???

Hey Birthday Boy, let me give you a birthday hug!!!

Yummy, the cake taste delicious!!!

Do you all know that Nila has a favourite sleeping spot for her afternoon nap? The spot is actually next to our grooming door. The place is very cosy, away from the hustle and bustle of our cottage life and most importantly, she is near to us.

Hey, you are intruding my sleeping privacy!!!

Nila now love to be groomed!!! She can fall asleep while being groomed now as compared to her first time, whereby her eyes will be wide open and from her facial expression it will show: Ok...what are you guys up too?? To prove her enjoyment, we have taken a shot of her in her dreamland. :)

Just like a Queen. Nila in her dream world...

Ah yes, during her stay with us in our cottage, she has met with two little nice pugs. Their name are Pickle and Harley and both of them like to play and entertained their friends in our cottage just like their owner, whom entertain us, Malaysian, on Mix FM. (Mix FM's DJ, Jojo Struys)

In the background, the two entertainers, sleeping. By the way, this is Nila favourite spot for her to see us when we are having our meal.

Finally, just a snap shot of how Nila will look like after playing... :P

I know, I know. Dirty and wet!!! Hahaha...

The following are more of Nila's picture in a slide show. Enjoy!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

We, Puppy Cottage was on The Star Newspaper!!!

The title of the write up is "Home Away from Home"

We would like to say thank you to TheStar Newspaper, whom has taken their time to write about us, Puppy Cottage.

Kindly click here to read the internet version on TheStar website.

In addition, we have attached the pdf format of the write up below:

Page 1

Page 2

Happy reading...

Monday, May 05, 2008

Part 1 - Nila in Our Cottage...

To Elena and all readers of our blog,

For introduction purposes, Nila, a beautiful Poodle mix Cocker Spaniel was homed at our Cottage while awaiting to be reunited with her owner, Elena, in Melbourne, Australia.

The reason she was homed in our Cottage was due to the stringent Australian rules & regulations on importing dogs to their country.

This post will be dedicated to Nila and we will try to update this post regularly to keep you, Elena updated on your baby girl and to those whom are interested to follow Nila stays in our Cottage.

Below is a countdown tracker indicating the days till Nila will be able to be with her family again:

Nila First Week at Our Cottage

Getting used and adopting to our Cottage's environment was the story of Nila in her first week. After all, she was used to be pampered by Elena and being the only child in her family, it makes thing a bit complicated.

Socialising with other dogs was a little uncomfortable for her on the first few days, she would be bossy and will not hesitate to give them a warning. However, we are pleased to inform Elena, she is getting along fine now, she will make the initiative to play with other dogs now, especially the rougher one.

On the other hand, we noticed that she does not like to be disturbed when she is having her nap, she will scold them. Such a princess right?? :P

In addition, she loves the ring ring toy we gave to her to play with. Alas, she destroyed the ring ring toy which is far too small for her, but she enjoyed destroying it though. :)

She is eating her kibbles well during her first week, considering she was on BARF diet previously. The first few days she was not able to share her bowl of food with Mia, Toy Poodle, but now she is able to share her bowl with her. Good progress in her learning curve.

Oh yea, caught her peeing in our Cottage!!! Not good, not good...have to rectify this.

The First Month

So far so good!!! Her stay with us was a pleasant one, to say the least. We are proud to inform Elena that her beloved baby girl has settled down very well in her new home, our cottage, at least for another 5 months.

One part of Nila life's in our cottage consists of grooming. Below are two pictures taken while she has her nails cut. Relatively easy right or was it the opposite?

"Just relax and it will be done" said Miss Fanny...

What are you looking at??!!

Now every dogs that comes to our Cottage, either for boarding or day care are greeted by her with a smile. She is one of the busy body girls who will go and sniff/ smell out the new comers. If she was in our grooming room, she will jumped up the grooming table to have a peek at the new comer, even though that table has an occupant on it. Below are snap shots to present to you Nila hidden skill, Jumping!!!

Haha, my ball. I am going to get it, no problem!!!

1st Step...

Got it...

So easy, what did I told you earlier... :)

For your information, when Nila play, she plays very rough. Let's see how rough is she...

Nila together with Pudding...

Watch out for my teeths!

Catch Me if You Can!!!

Where do you think you are going?? Haha...

Sad to say that humping others is one of it... ;)

It is embarrassing. Please don't see!!! :P

Toys Toys...Nila now has plenty of them, from nylon bone to cotton strings bone and raw hide (this is eatable). She will play with all of them, she will fetch, chew and bite on it. However, there is a particular toy that is her favourite. Elena, please guess it?

Raw Hide, anyone?

Yes, it is the green ball!!! favourite green ball

Last Tuesday (27.5.2008), Nila went to Shah Alam, Malaysia for her blood test. According to the vet, the blood sample will be sent to Australia for their further examination. Well, Australia is famous for their stringent rules & laws.

Nevertheless, everything went according to plan. Nila was back in our cottage in the evening as schedule. Below is a photo shot of Nila's hand reviewing a shave patch. Wonder what is it for?

Can you spot it?

Please do not be worried, the shave patch was for extraction of blood sample.

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