Thursday, December 04, 2008

Part 4 - Nila Depart from Puppy Cottage to Melbourne, Australia


Last Month

The last month of Nila stay with us were mixture of emotions. Why?

First of all, we were happy because Nila is finally able to be with her parent!!! Isn't it a happy and lovely feeling?

Well, as for us, we do feel sad, after all Nila has been a part of us for more than 6 months. The moment when Nila played with her friends, being the big sister in our cottage and give warning to her friends whom disturb her while see was asleep, those were the good old memories that we will always cherish.

In addition to our emotional feeling, we have to ensure Nila's health is at her optimal condition. The down under country is strict with their ruling.

Pre-Departure Day/ Preparation (19.11.2008)

On that day, while packing Nila personal belongings (ie. food bowl, towel, toy), our hearts felt heavy (guess she has really became a part of us). In addition to her belongings, we have also pack two of her favourite toys which she enjoyed during her stay with us.

We have also ensured that she had sufficient water and food during the travelling period to Australia.

In the midst of packing, Nila's owner gave us a ring. We have given them assurance that everything is OK. From the conversation, you can just imagine how anxious and excited they are.

As the day begun to tick down, Nila felt something was going on. How do we know? She did not played like usual anymore. Well dog does has a superb six sense, don't there. :D

Below is picture of Nila's Crate that we have prepared for her:

Day of Departure (20.11.2008)

The big day has arrived. Started off the day by grooming Nila. Gosh...does she look beautiful after her grooming session.

Dr. Karu came around 12pm to pick up Nila, all of us gave Nila one last hug before Dr. Karu brought her to the airport.

The moment of truth has came. Guess, we felt happier for her than being sad because she was just eight hour away from seeing her parent.

We will miss her enjoyment look of being groomed in our grooming room every Thursday, though it requires a lot of effort from us. (because of her long and thick fur) However, we persevered with it because we knew how unpredictable Melbourne weather can be and hopefully it will keep her warm during the cold night. :)

Called Dr. Karu in the evening to ensure Nila is alright and everything is going according to plan. Well the answer given by him was favourable. Nila was checked in and ready to be flown to Melbourne.

Below is a slide show on some of the pictures that were taken during her last few days with us:

Arrived in Australia (21.11.2008)

Anxiously text Elena in the morning to enquire on Nila arrival in Australia. Elena replied:

"We are with Nila now. She's great! She is playing and so excited!!! Her fur looks great and so healthy!!"
Below are pictures of Nila in Melbourne, Australia, with her owner, Max and Elena.


Disclaimer: Pictures posted in the slide above are properties of Nila's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.

To sum it all up, we, Puppy Cottage had a wonderful time and experience with Nila. Seeing her from a baby girl to a grown up girl; whereby she had learn to socialise with other dogs, shared her food and toys with the rest of her friends, and protecting her friends from being bully (alpha female) by other dogs are simply awesome!!!

To Max and Elena, we would like to thank you for trusting us so much in taking care of your beloved daughter, Nila. Appreciate it!!!

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The End

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