Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sanitary Environment in Our Cottages - Steriliser

Puppy Cottage always put our clients - dog health and safety first in our mind.

Puppy Cottage as a member to Pet Care Services Association ("PCSA") in good standing, implicitly abide to one of the Pet Owners' Bill of Rights which is:

"We will maintain a sanitary environment for all pets in our care."

With this in mind, we have sterilised our Cottage with steriliser in order to minimise the spread of bacterias and viruses to prevent diseases in our Cottage areas.

Cottage Areas

Cleanliness is our first priority and we encourage all customers to visit our Cottage. Our Cottage area are sterilized with steriliser to minimize the spread of germs and diseases while ensuring clean and fresh air in our Cottage environment.

To know more about our Boarding and Day Care facilities, kindly click here.

Grooming Areas

All our grooming kits and shears are sterilised with imported steriliser to ensure diseases and germs are not spread to other dogs during the course of grooming

To know more about our Grooming facility, kindly click here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Disadvantages of Soy Consumption for Dogs

The soybean (Glycine max) is a species of legume native to East Asia. It is an annual plant that may vary in growth, habit, and height. It may grow prostrate, not growing higher than 20 cm (7.8 inches), or even stiffly erect up to 2 meters (6.5 feet) in height. The pods, stems, and leaves are covered with fine brown or gray pubescence. The leaves are trifoliate (sometimes with 5 leaflets), and the leaflets are 6–15 cm (2–6 inches) long and 2–7 cm (1–3 inches) broad. The leaves fall before the seeds are mature. The small, inconspicuous, self-fertile flowers are borne in the axil of the leaf and are white, pink or purple. The fruit is a hairy pod that grows in clusters of 3–5, with each pod 3–8 cm (1–3 inches) long and usually containing 2–4 (rarely more) seeds 5–11 mm in diameter.

Like some other crops of long domestication, the relationship of the modern soybean to wild-growing species can no longer be traced with any degree of certainty. It is a cultural variety (a cultigen) with a very large number of cultivars. However, it is known that the progenitor of the modern soybean was a vine-like plant that grew prone on the ground.

Beans are classed as pulses whereas soybeans are classed as oilseeds. The word "soy" is derived from the Chinese word 醬油 for soy sauce/soya sauce.

Disadvantages associated with the feeding of soy products to dogs include:

  • They contain antinutritional factors such as trypsin inhibitor (inactivitated by extrusion and canning) and oligosaccharides, the latter being responsible for increased production of flatulence;
  • They have low methionine and cysteine concentrations;
  • Their use results in a more voluminous and higher moisture feces;
  • Some animals may exhibit an allergic reaction to soy protein;
  • Soy protein may reduce trace mineral availability because of its phytate and fiber concentrations; and
  • Soy product inclusion in diets may provide excessive quantities of soluble dietary fiber (modified from Hill [1995]).

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Why are Dalmatians Firehouse Dogs?

Here's the Answer in Black and White Reprinted from May/June 1992 issues of Reminisce Magazine

Ever see a fire truck in a parade without a Dalmatian in the seat up front or in the lap of a smiling fireman riding in back? Ever visit a firehouse without having one of those black and white spotted dogs come wagging up to you?

Why is that? Why do Dalmatians and firehouses go together like smoke and fire? The answer is interesting, and one you'll likely recall every time you see the Dalmatian/firehouse combo from now on.

It all began in the days of stagecoaches. Horse theft was so common back then that many stagecoach drivers strung a hammock between two stalls at night, then slept behind their horses to guard against thieves.

But, if the driver owned a Dalmatian, he could sleep in the house or the stagecoach hotel. Why? Because it was observed that dalmatians formed an amazingly tight bond with horses. When they became close as with a team, no stranger would dare lay a hand on them.

Once the knowledge of this trait spread, more coach drivers went to great lengths to get Dalmatians to watch their teams. In fact, this practice became so common that Dalmatians were first called "coach dogs". They were used by coach drivers centuries ago in England, Scotland and Wales.

Horse's Best Friend?

"Dalmatians have always gotten along well with horses," says Esmeralda Treen of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a recognized authority on the breed. "Horses are gregarious and feel the need for company. You can't leave them alone too long. Dalmatians take to horses and become 'companions'. Back in the stagecoach days, the 'Dals' would run alongside the coaches, or under the rear axle of the moving coach. They'd keep up with the team as far as it ran, sometimes over 20 or 30 miles a day. "

When the coached reached the inn, the coachman left the dog to guard the team as well as luggage in the coach," Esmeralda explains. "IF the coachman stayed to guard, a robber would sometimes distract him in conversation while others pilfered the goods. They couldn't pull that ruse on the Dal, since they're very alert dogs."

When horse numbers grew here in the New World, the number of Dalmatians grew with it for the same reason they were popular in the Old Country. And, since every firehouse back then had a set of fast horses to pull the pumper wagon, it became common for each group of firemen to keep a Dalmatian.

Again, the spotted dogs not only guarded the firehouse horses, they kept them company during their long, boring waits between fires. And, when they took off for a fire, the dog would run alongside the pumper.

The horses are gone from the fire stations today, but the Dalmatians aren't. The tradition has been carried on, and it may be as much for the looks and appeal of these beautiful dogs as it is for their nostalgic tie to yesteryear.

While all the facts are well founded, there is a common but false rumor that these spotted dogs that breed enthusiasts would like dispelled. It's that Dalmatians are kept at firehouses because they're deaf and therefore, the siren does not bother their ears nor make them "spook" like it would other dogs. "

I once heard that on national TV and could not believe my ears," says Chris Benoit, president of the Chicagoland Dalmatian Club. "It's true that there is a problem with deafness in the breed, but that story is totally false!"

What is true is that Dalmatians are the fastest growing breed of dog in America today. A relative rarity until recent years, Dals are expected to soar into the top ten soon, right up there with
beagles and dachshunds.

Spots in Fashion

Another thing that's true is that these dogs have spots everywhere--even inside their mouths and on the bottom of their paws! And they've become the polka dot darlings of advertising and fashion photographers, who say they like the high contrast of these black and white dogs.

Still, the Dalmatians haven't lost their old status as the fireman's friend. For example, in Middletown Connecticut alone, individual fire fighters own Dals named "Hydrant", "Chief", and "Cinder". That tradition holds across America. Even today, where there's smoke, there's likely fire...and where there's a firehouse, there's likely a Dalmatian.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Malaysia gives medals to disc-sniffers

Any one of you read or heard of two black labrador uses their super sensitive nose to good use in Malaysia? Never heard of it? Below is an article on the two black labrador, obtain from

PUTRAJAYA: It is a dog’s life for disc-sniffing mutts Lucky and Flo.

But what a life! After a hectic round of Asia – starting with Malaysia – and flushing out pirated discs and peddlers in their wake, the four-legged duo are now headed for New York on another tour of duty and then, Toronto.

Celebrity treatment: Flo (left) and Lucky being held by their trainers after putting their paw prints to be preserved yesterday. — ReutersTo top it all, the pair of globetrotting black Labrador Retrievers have received commendation medals from the Government – the first honour ever for the dogs, in fact any dog, in Malaysia – for their “outstanding achievement” in combating piracy.

Typical of celebrities, the dogs even had their paw prints preserved in plaster for posterity.
It almost makes it worth the 10kg each dog has lost since arriving here in March. They each used to weigh about 38kg.

Deputy Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk S. Veerasingam said: “They are the inspiration for the newly established canine unit in the ministry’s enforcement unit.

“For a start, we have a team of four officers and two dogs to sniff out pirates. These dogs are currently undergoing training.”

Veerasingam had the honour of draping the commendation medals on the dogs that appeared to be pleased judging from their wagging tails.

Since arriving on March 13, Flo and Lucky’s work has resulted in 26 arrests and the seizure of 1.6 million pieces of pirated discs worth some RM22.8mil, three DVD replicating machines, two VCD machines, 97 CD-Recordable burners and 30,000 empty CD-Rs.

Their success in anti-piracy efforts was evident from the RM100,000 bounty placed on their heads and the “tail” put on them by local syndicates since their arrival.

Veerasingam said the dogs had been good visitors to the country. He jokingly added that Malaysia would have accorded them permanent residency, only they did not apply for it.

The canines’ biggest bust was on March 19 in Johor Baru, when they led officers to a cache of one million pirated discs worth RM10mil.

Trained to detect the presence of polycarbonate and other chemicals in the discs, the dogs took only about 10 minutes to check boxes that security officials would need a day to examine.

Motion Picture Association Asia-Pacific director for operations Edward Neubronner said anti-piracy efforts had clearly boosted local cinema.

“In 2004, there were 59 cinemas with 216 movie screens. Now, we have 71 cinemas with 326 screens. This year’s top three movies grossed more than RM10mil in box-office takings,” he said.

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Eukanuba/ PetnYou Dog Carnival - 3rd Malaysia Dog Agility & Obedience Trials

Hi all,

There will be a dog agility & obedience event at Bandar Utama Central Park on the 9 September 2007, morning.

Bring along your pet dog to the event and enjoy it, we will be there too. See you there...

Below is a summary of the event that was obtained from PetnYou:

Date: September 9, 2007
Time: Morning
Venue: Bandar Utama Central Park

The Carnival is back in town! Be prepared for more exciting K9 X-games, dog sports and trials at the annual Carnival for dogs, proudly sponsored by EUKANUBA. Clowns, balloon sculpting and face painting are amongst the attractions on the day. Vets, groomers and dog rescue groups will also be making an appearance. The Dog Carnival is an eagerly anticipated event in the K9 calendar with challenging trials and enticing games lined up to showcase your dog's talents and innate abilities.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Dog Comics...

Hi all,

I have posted two dog comics for your reading pleasure. Well it is afterall Monday right? Thought of posting it to brighten up our day...

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Bubble Off to a Good Home

A gentleman by the name of Gordon came by our Cottage with a wish to get a shih tzu for his girlfriend and yes, it is fated for Bubble to be part of his girlfriend (Yan) new family member.

Background on little Bubble:

Bubble is a Shih Tzu (male), son to a Grand Asian and Malaysian Champion with MKA certificate.

Below is the picture of Yan and Gordon with Bubble:

We, Puppy Cottage, are proud to welcome Yan and Gordon with their lovely Shih Tzu (Bubble) to be part of Puppy Cottage's family. We are in no doubt, together as a family, there will be more moment of joy to share with each other in our journey with Bubble. :)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Our Life in Cottage...

Following are the stories of life (Day Care & Boarding) in Puppy Cottage and most of it are self explanatory.

We are so comfortable on your lap. Please don't move...

Castor with Mia. Cute?

In addition, the following slide are more pictures on how are life in Puppy Cottage:

Intend to join us? Come over and have fun together, we are waiting... :)

Friday, August 10, 2007

Colour Day for your Beloved Dog??!!


Recently given your hair a dye? If you have, you must have love it right?

How about your dog? Ever wanted to give your dog a hair dye? Dreamt of wanting it to be in red or blue colour?

Following are some of the pictures to give you an idea what your pet dog can be, with some creative imagination:

How? Loved it? Ready to give your pet dog a new look?

We have Good New for your pet dog and yourself.

Puppy Cottage have the facility to give your pet dog a dye/ a new colour hairdo.

Kindly contact us for more information or you can drop by our place to enquire more about it. :)

If you intend to pampered your doggie with Puppy Cottage range of spa, please click here to know more about it.

Please click here to know more about our grooming facilities.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Our Public Relationship Manager is on Magazine

Hi all,

Guess what? Harry our Public Relationship Manager is on a Magazine front cover. Well the name of the magazine is PETS.

Harry was said to be the Best Public Relationship Dog by PETS.

We would like to say thank you to the editor of PETS whom has taken his time to write about Harry and Puppy Cottage. Another thank you to the photographer who has all the patient to wait for Harry to pose, in order for him to snap pictures. Lastly, a big thank you to Ms. Lee who has sacrifice her weekend to be with us.

Firstly, we apologise to those of you bloggers who can't read Chinese. Nevertheless, do enjoy Harry handsome pictures or alternatively do ask someone to help you to translate it to what ever language you want it to be.

However, there is a page whereby you can read a poem from William Shakespeare which fits Harry perfectly.

Kindly click on the pictures to enlarge it in order to read and view it clearly.

Harry on Front Cover. Handsome??

Rachel and I with Harry

A Poem of William Shakespeare for Harry...

Philip and Harry Playing!!! Myra is in there as well, if you can spot her

More pictures of Harry in the Park!!!

Best Relationship Dog

A little Article About Us...

How? Enjoy reading it or viewing at all the cute pictures?

For your information, if you would like to have a hard copy of the magazine, you can obtain it from us and in the meantime you can take the opportunity to play with our Public Relationship Manager, Harry!!!

Below are pdf files of the Pets Magazine:

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

Page 7