Friday, February 15, 2008

Spa Pampering for your Doggie mates!!!

Bring your doggie mates to Puppy Cottage to enable them to indulge into an incomparable and nurturing wellness spa experiences ensconced in the splendour and tranquillity the nature has to offer.

We uses high quality spa products for your doggie mates that uses the best nature has to offer. Its high-grade products that employ the latest advances in pet esthetics and skillfully blended ingredients include the currently much-discussed material, propolis (made by honeybees), as well as mineral salts from the Dead Sea, natural botanical moisturizing ingredients, marine plant ingredients, and NMF (natural moisturizing factor) which repair your beloved pet's skin and coat and keep them healthy.

The following are three unrivalled range of pampering treatments for our doggie friends to choose from:

Natural Mud for Coat & Skin

This natural mud mixture contains various types of mud produced in different parts of the world (3 different countries), along with seaweed ingredients and vegetable PPT. When massaged into skin and coat, it provides thelassotherapeutic effects and leaves skin and coat with a smooth, moist feel.

Aromatic Bath Salt Series

Use aromatheraphy to relax and invigorate your pet by bathing them with natural frangrances and ingredients such as minerals from Japanese spa baths and Dead Sea minerals salt. The aromatic Bath Salt series will also help condition your pet's skin, leaving it lighter and more healthy.

It also contain hinokitiol (extracted from plant) which acts as insect repellant.

* this products comes in 6 varieties of natural plant fragrance.

Hair/ Coat Treatment

This is Puppy Cottage secret recipe which uses only the best products the world of grooming has to offer. It is recommended for damaged and dry hair/ coat.

The hair/ coat treatment help to achieve a smooth silky texture, lively volume, a shimmering shine and improves the elasticity and moisture level on the skin and coat that replenishes the coat to a natural balance which addresses the health of the hair and coat.

Do visit or contact us to know more about the Doggie spa that are being offered by Puppy Cottage.

In addition, why not dye/ colour your dog hair after the spa? To know more about it, kindly click here.

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moggy said...

I'm jealous...I want that sort of treatment myself. What dog wouldn't feel better after the spa pampering