Monday, January 10, 2011

Testimonial from Tommy & Chewy Parent - Vijay & Vivien

Dear Ryan, Rachel and the Ace Team @ Puppy Cottage,

In the course of our having two wonderful additions into our family in the form of Tommy & Chewy, we as owners had the odd encounter such as last minute vacation plans, emergency family requirements, a sudden day-sitting request, and the ubiquitous grooming need. Our lives definitely have a much smoother feel to things with you guys being always ever helpful and open to our crazy schedules to accommodate our calls.

When you love your dogs as much as we do, it does get sticky in finding a place that houses them safely, happily and hygienically to ensure your darling mutts get the least interruption to their routine as much as possible when you need to have external help on things. We can never marvel enough at how happy and settled our dogs are when we welcome them home nor can we appreciate enough the top rated job done in keeping them groomed. What's more we've seen an amazing change in their socialising skills in the environment that Puppy Cottage has created.

How can we thank you guys enough? I really doubt there will ever be a bottom line! You guys are real angels and we highly recommend your passion, effectiveness and professionalism in handling all matters relating to the welfare of our dogs, to other dog owners who are looking for an alternative that goes beyond your dog being just a number in the cage. The only cushy pad your warm furry darling will be snoozing in will be the safe enclosure that they call sleep pad. Given our no-cage policy, we have seen the positive side of allowing your dogs to mix healthily with other furry friends and if you want peace of mind, you really don't have to look further than here. Your darlings are kept free to roam within a place that enjoys secured frontage - with ever human visitor allowed inside and supervised in person only if Ryan / team beeps them in. Now, that's peace of mind indeed.

We wish Puppy Cottage all the best and hope that you will come over to visit us in our new home in Australia! We are sure that Tommy and Chewy will be ever ecstatic in seeing you guys again!

ps: Tommy and Chewy would like to add a point or two:

"Hi guys! We had such a bark of a time enjoying the couch and learning about doggy tricks and pawing the odd treat. Love the birthday toys we got during our long stay with you. If it wasn't for you guys, we would have missed our masters SO much during their long one-year travel. All our wet kisses, furry hugs and woofing gruffy good wishes to you and know that we'll always look forward to seeing you again... love to show you how we smell out those 'roos!"

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Testimonial from Modjo's Mom - Sherin

Hi Ryan & Rachel,

Thank you for taking such good care of Modjo when he was under Puppy Cottage's care. You guys have been fabulous and I've never felt more comfortable leaving Modjo to you both. Being able to watch Modjo on CCTV while we are away from him makes it all better :) I think it was a fantastic idea that I could log on to the internet to see what Modjo is doing when I'm away from him. You guys have taken such good care of him that whenever we picked him up, he's always looking healthy and happy.

Modjo is well settled in Melbourne now and he's a happy boy - despite the cold weather !

Thanks Ryan & Rachel - and I will not hesitate to use your services again in the near future or to even recommend your services to anyone who needs it.

ps : Your recommendation on Dr. Karu has been awesome as well ! He's very helpful and efficient. Kudos to everyone at Puppy's Cottage !

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart,

Modjo's Mummy

Disclaimer: Letter and Picture posted are properties of Modjo's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.