Monday, January 10, 2011

Testimonial from Modjo's Mom - Sherin

Hi Ryan & Rachel,

Thank you for taking such good care of Modjo when he was under Puppy Cottage's care. You guys have been fabulous and I've never felt more comfortable leaving Modjo to you both. Being able to watch Modjo on CCTV while we are away from him makes it all better :) I think it was a fantastic idea that I could log on to the internet to see what Modjo is doing when I'm away from him. You guys have taken such good care of him that whenever we picked him up, he's always looking healthy and happy.

Modjo is well settled in Melbourne now and he's a happy boy - despite the cold weather !

Thanks Ryan & Rachel - and I will not hesitate to use your services again in the near future or to even recommend your services to anyone who needs it.

ps : Your recommendation on Dr. Karu has been awesome as well ! He's very helpful and efficient. Kudos to everyone at Puppy's Cottage !

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart,

Modjo's Mummy

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