Thursday, April 23, 2015

Our Annual Volunteering at a Kind Hearted Lady Home

 We would like to thanks Aunty Fong for having us. She is such a kind hearted and lovely lady and we can see it once we step into her home, the dogs and cats just speak came greeting us with their barks and meows!

It was a meaningful day for us, Pet Cottage Group of Companies, which consists of Puppy Cottage, Groomers Connection Academy, Kitten Cottage and Coffee Cottage, on our annual charity drive today. 

It was an eye opener and experience for all our staffs.

We had a wonderful time with all the doggies and kitties and most importantly, we left the place feeling happy for all the dogs and cats there. All dogs and cats felt refresh, joyful and happy after been pampered by us the whole day. 

We like to thank you two great volunteers, which came to give a pampering to our friends in need - Karen Maung & HatoNic Yin's friend, photographer of the day. Believed both of you deserve an applause!

Not forgetting our great customers contribution - Peanut, Silky, Kaiser and Niko, which have given their full support by donating CNY pet foods to make the our buddies day a little fuller. 

We believe Aunty Fong would welcome sponsorships in term of donation in kind from all the pets lover in Malaysia. 

Please do help this wonderful lady. 

Thank you! :D