Spa Session for Our Lovely Doggies

Having problem with your doggies with the following:
  • Running around when they feel that you are about to groomed them?
  • Have problem with parasites such as ticks or fleas?
  • Difficulty in brushing your dogs hair?
  • Everyday got to vacuum the floor due to shedding hair?
  • Having problem with maintaining a healthy skin and coat?
  • Other grooming problems not mentioned above?
Fear not!!! 

We have total solutions to all the above problems.

Send your doggies to us and be groomed by our Meritus Master Pet Stylists and Dermatech Pet Specialists or fellow Professional Stylists.

All of our grooming is handled gently without sedation and we will give you helpful hints about the best ways to groom them at home.

Best of all, our grooming salon is exclusively for dogs, thus, no distractions from other pets.

In addition, our grooming kits and shears are sterilised with imported steriliser to ensure diseases and germs are not spread to other cats during the course of grooming

Following are our grooming options:
A grooming session makes a happy dog!

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