Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chi Chi Brought her Birthday Cake to Puppy Cottage

Chi Chi, a lovely Golden Retriever, brought her birthday cake to be shared with all her friends in Puppy Cottage, during her stay with us.

Wonder how does the cake look like? Below is the picture of the cakes...

Nice and Yummy right?

Want to have a look at the beautiful lady?

Isn't she beautiful?

Well her cake really did brought joy and smile to Puppy Cottage on that day. All her doggies friend enjoyed the cake. Some even give the pity eye, indicating that they wanted more of it. Below slide, will give you a glimpse of Chi Chi satisfied friends...

We, Puppy Cottage on behalf of our doggie friends would like to say a big thank you to Chi Chi and her owner, Nicole & Michael for sharing her birthday cake with us.

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