Monday, January 04, 2010

Lucky Star!!!

Hi all,

A Lucky star has fallen into Puppy Cottage for four months. Oh yea, four great months!!! She had told us that her planet is under major renovation, thus the need to stay on our earth.

Lucky is a female Border Collie, which is our very first border collie star to board with us.

Lucky was a very shy and timid border collie. The first few days, she will hide in her UFO whenever she saw us coming. She did the same thing with the rest of her earth doggie friends.

However, with our patience and love, we finally manage to win her heart and from that day onward it was just fun, laughter and trust between Lucky and us.

Furthermore ,being the only alien dog in Puppy Cottage, Lucky is not used to being with the earthly dogs. Since we mentioned about it, she might not even know what does dogs mean.

As a Border Collie herself, Lucky pick things up relatively fast and she manage to get used to Puppy Cottage environment rather quickly.

Within a week, she started playing with other dogs and she loves Husky, Beagle, Labrador and her lover, a Golden Retriever.

Did we mentioned lover?

Yes, Lucky falls in love with a handsome and charming Prince, who is a Golden Retriever. Both of them will play, love each other and of course protect each other. It is a joy and fun to watch their lovely nature towards each other.

The Thai Prince is currently having his holiday with us in Puppy Cottage before he plans to fly to Australia. If you would like to read more about his stay with us, pls click here.

Below is a picture of the two lover:

Another great act from Lucky, the super sonic charge from her while greeting us is always a nice gesture from her. Sometime the impact can be so strong, her weight alone will make us fall.

Below is a picture of her doing her stunt (Luckily I still manage to hang on to snap a picture of her :P)

Below is a picture of her with Charlie (a show quality beagle whom demand his owner to bring him to Puppy Cottage whenever he feels boring):

After the funfilled four months, Lucky has finally flew back to the planet she called home.

However, we will miss her tricks and joy that we had together in Puppy Cottage.

We would like to wish Lucky and her family all the happiness in their newly renovated planet.

In addition, we would like to thanks Lucky and her owner for trusting our planet temporarily and us, Puppy Cottage in taking care of Lucky.

It has been a pleasure to have you with us!

P/S: Heard that Lucky has a new partner in crime called Count Dooku. :) Hope to see the two of you in our Cottage real soon...

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