Thursday, January 07, 2010

Testimonial from Lucky Parent - Fabian and Willa Solibun

Dear Puppy Cottage,

Thank you so much for taking care of Lucky during her 4 months stay there.

Lucky is our mischievous but loving Border Collie, which we love to bits. Early this year, we made a decision to do a major renovation on our house. During the renovation period, we had a hard time keeping her in our rented apartment. She is really a spoilt brat and when it came to board her we searched high and low for a suitable place. We actually tried a couple of places before, but often found her either lonely or ended up with skin problems.

Hence, we turned to the Internet in search of a safe/clean place to board her for this long duration. We ended up on the Puppy Cottage blog and reading the testimonial from Elena and Max. We called the next day and thanked God there was a place for her.

Lucky was unfortunately not socializing well with other dogs. We were a bit nervous when we sent Lucky on the first day. Could she adjust well now that there were suddenly other dogs around?

Every morning both of us would go to our office and log on to the web cam to see how she was doing. We were both so happy when we saw Lucky playing with other dogs and it seems that she has a thing for Golden Retrievers. We then felt rest assured that she will be fine.

Another thing that we notice was when we visited her on weekends; her fur was shiny and soft. My husband has always disagreed with my amateurish way of grooming Lucky due to this one attempt where I kinda over did it. Hence, we decided to leave it to the expert and we are so fortunate that we could still now send Lucky to Puppy Cottage for grooming.

Lucky now enjoys her new house. There are changes in her after her stay at Puppy Cottage.. She is now not that nervous when she is around other dogs. We also saw another side of her, where she is really protective over her loved ones…She doesn’t normally bark but now, she’ll let us know when a stranger is at our front gate. I guessed she picked that up from there as well (If you visit Puppy Cottage, you’ll understand what I mean).

Thank you again to the crew and fellow occupants of Puppy Cottage for taking care of Lucky and making her stay a pleasant one.

-Fabian & Willa-

p.s: Attached is a picture of Lucky and her new partner in crime Count Dooku

Disclaimer: Letter and Picture posted are properties of Lucky's owner. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work before obtaining their permission.

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