Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our Cottage Suites

Quietly positioned amongst the pet friendly neighborhood, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, with half an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre, Puppy Cottage, is the perfect place for your dog to be while you are away...

Our cottage only specialize and cater to the needs of dogs in all shapes and sizes. They will have fun and be cared for like how they felt at home.

The followings pictures unveil our cottage suites build with your pet dog comfort in our mind.

Our cottage suites are fitted with ventilation systems to provide outflow of air around the area. Furthermore, we have also fitted an inflow ventilation system to complete the air circulation cycle in the suites area.

In addition, an
air conditioner is install to give your pet dog a cool environment while they are sleeping in their suites.

The suites area are equip with
mosquitoes and insects repellent to safeguard your pet dog from any harmful disease that are carried and caused by mosquitoes and insects. (e.g. heartworm, tick fever)

Lastly, the suites area is
fitted with night light to ease the stress to your pet doggies.

Moreover, we are proud to inform that we are the first pet shop in Malaysia that allows you to view your pet dog via an online application. 

As a 1st in Malaysia to be an active member of Pet Care Services Association ("PCSA"), formerly known as American Boarding Kennels Association, Puppy Cottage has fullfills PCSA Code of Ethics and Pet Owners' Bill of Rights. Kindly click here to know more about PCSA.

Equipped with a Comfortable and Fun Play Area

Our comfortable play areas will surely have your pet dogs plenty of dog-ercise and leg stretching and not just be inside the suites 24 hours for the rest of their stay with us. A favourite with our regular guests!  It provide an intense play session with fun and socialisation with other doggie and of course plenty of cuddling from us. This will give them plenty of activities and enjoyment which will increase their liking to us during their holiday at our cottage. That is why it is important that your pet dog must pass our temperament evaluation test to prevent any mishap from happening due to aggression.

Cottage Rules and Acceptance Policy

We, Puppy Cottage, have stringent rules and acceptance policy to be followed before your pet dog is able to check-in to our cottage suites. Following are the rules:
  • All dogs must be on current vaccination. Bordatella vaccination is recommended;
  • All dogs are required to pass our temperament evaluation;
  • All dogs must be on fleas and ticks prevention;
  • All dogs must be free of contagious skin problem;
  • A minimum of 50% deposit will be collected upon check-in;
  • Others not mentioned rules and acceptance policy apply upon check-in.
The above rules and acceptance policy are applied to all dogs that will be boarding with us or have boarded with us. No exception shall be given.

Lastly, with the stringent rules and acceptance policy that we enforced on all our dog customers, we hope you will feel confidence and comfortable in boarding your pet dogs in our cottage suites.
Visitors are Welcome

Please feel free to visit our cottage and experience first-hand the quality service and accommodation.

We accept visitors anytime during our operating hours:

Hours: 11am – 7pm
Closed: Every Tuesday

Please contact us at 603 7722 2078 for further information regarding our cottage suites.

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