Friday, June 08, 2007

Surprise Party!!!

The date was 11.5.2007 and it falls on a Friday.

We, Puppy Cottage have been planning a party for weeks ahead. What kind of party? Well, it is actually a birthday party for my PR Manager, Harry. He is celebrating his one year old birthday on the date stated above.

The birthday cake that was served on that day was banana cake with cheese topping.

Yummy right? Below is Harry's birthday cake:

Harry's Birthday Cake

With the guests (boarding, day care - benefit of the day care and boarding and walk in client) arriving and we were busy preparing the cake for the host, the guests were left to introduce among themselves. Well, the guests did introduce themselved well. Below is a picture of them introducing themselves:

Who are you? have we met?

It is finally prepared, the birthday cake is on the table, with everyone gather around the birthday boy, birthday song were sang to him. Below are some of the pictures showing Harry with his cake:

Harry with his cake

Harry smelling his cake. Tasty?

Ever seen dog blowing a birthday cake candle? Below is picture of Harry blowing the fire off from the candle:


Done!!! I am one year old. :)

Harry said "One more step before I can enjoy my cake. Do you know what is it? Hmmmm, I have to cut my cake first. Quick Quick..."

Harry cutting his cake

Finally, it is time for Harry to grab a bite for himself. Yes, we allowed him to eat it first before his guest have a taste of his cake. Ain't we bad? Well after all, it is his birthday...

Hmmm, let's try it first.

Too good!!!

Tongue licking good, mate!!!

Lastly, it is time to serve the guest with the delicious cake. Below is a picture of Mocha enjoying the cake.

This stuff is good!!!

Following are more pictures of the birthday party...

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