Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Joy of a Pug!!!

This story is about a female pug whose name is Charlie.

Charlie has been our regular customer since she was a puppy. Never fail to entertain her friends in our cottage and of course us, every time she stayed in our cottage.

Richard and Laura Miller, her owners are currently in England. Charlie would has to stay with us for two months due to immigration matters.

Yes!!! You guys have read it correctly; she will be migrating to ENGLAND.

We will surely miss her!!! However, let’s not dwell on the sadness but let us share the happy time we had with her.

Do you know who is Charlie Chaplin, the famous comedian? Well, she is our very own Charlie Chaplin in our Cottage, though she is a girl. :P

A source of entertainment for her friends in Puppy Cottage. Her joyful character is a joy to Puppy Cottage's customers and lastly she never fails to keep us entertained.

In addition, Charlie loves to sing her heart out in Puppy Cottage just like Charlie Parker, a famous jazz musician. Never once, she fails to welcome her friends from outside our entrance and she will sing to them until they greet her inside our cottage. With her funny jazz barks and breathing, it always nice to have a cup of coffee and a cookie to enjoy her music. :)

Charlie has many friends in our cottage since she was a puppy and we are sure she will be missed by all her friends. During her 2 month stays with us, Charlie had a best friend whom is 8 months old black pug name Suki. Suki loves to cuddle beside Charlie during her nap. Basically, the two of them will eat, sleep and play together. Can't be separated!!! Below are pictures and a slide show of Charlie together with her best friend:


Slide Shows:

Charlie celebrated her birthday in our Cottage and we have prepared a sumptuous fine dinning for her dinner. Chicken with Tuna chunks, added with cherry tomato and Cottage Cheese. Yummy right?

Below are some of the pictures taken while she was enjoying her meal:

Oh yea, we forget to mention that Charlie was also on one of the magazine that featured us. Click here to see beautiful Charlie on the magazine.

We would like to thanks Charlie and her owner for trusting us in taking care of Charlie.

All the best to the three of you...

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Laura Miller said...

Thank you so much for putting these pictures up, it is lovely to see Charlie and what she got up to while we were separated from her. And what a spoilt girl on her birthday!!