Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Benefits of Day Care to your Doggie Mate

Dear Doggie Mates,

Come and have lots of fun with other mates in our specially designed day care area built for fun and enjoyment.

The following are the benefits of the day care:

  • Able to socialise with other dogs
  • Ample exercise and excitement
  • Able to let your pet dogs have fun while you are busy with your chores or working during the day
  • He/ she will be able to play with Puppy Cottage Public Relationship Manager, Mr. Harry for the whole day
  • Equipped with CCTV to enable owner to view their beloved during the day from office or home via Internet.

In addition, click here or here to see a glimpse of what will happen to your pet dog when they are at our day care centre.

To know more about Puppy Cottage being the 1st active member in Pet Care Services Association (Formerly known as American Boarding Kennels Association) , kindly click here.

1 comment:

June said...

My chihuahua loves ur place! I will definately bring him back to your day care again. :)