Friday, May 18, 2007

Behaviour & Training

Dear Puppy Cottage new puppy owner and blogger,

We, Puppy Cottage will be posting some articles relating to puppy/ dog behaviour and training for our client who have new puppy in their home under the label of Behaviour and Training.

We are happy and proud that you have yourself a new family member who share your lives and loves, protect your lives and those of your loved ones, and give all unconditional love to you and your family. Your family member and you must be very excited now. However, your new puppy has his/her own special needs that require your attention and understanding in order to enjoy the wonderful rewards that your puppy will give in the near future. Try to spend some times and read the articles that we have compiled from various sources to guide you on the behaviour, basic care and training for your puppy and yourself. We hope that it will give you some insight and it wills kick-start a great relationship with your puppy, your family member and you.

We wish to inform that the very moment a dog is welcomed into a home, the "same rule" is established, the owner becomes both boss and father to the dog and its family, and therefore the dog will depend and respect its owner as such. Taking care of a dog is very much like as taking care of your own kids, it requires a lot of time and patience. You must also have in mind that a dog needs a lot of space to be able to feel free and satisfied. You must also know that the education of your dog, while he is still young of age, is of utmost importance.

Lastly, click Behaviour and Training label from time to time for new articles.

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