Monday, May 28, 2007

Introducing Your New Puppy to Your Dog

Buying a new puppy is one of the most important decisions you and your family can make, especially if you already own a dog.

So, the day has come to introduce your new puppy to your existing dog and the question rises, what if they do not get along? Given time and a few challenges between the two, the outcome will more than likely be favourable. However, you can give both dogs a head start and make them feel more comfortable by making introductions in an unfamiliar place.

Dogs have a protecting nature and quickly decide that their home is their territory. Feeling threatened can happen when another animal crosses his or her territory.

Close supervision is needed when introducing your new puppy to your dog. If it seems as though the two are not getting along, or there is growling back and forth, let them be as long as they are not too rough or hurting each other.

If possible, start by introduce the dogs outside. In fact, if you can leave them together outside for a day before bringing them into the house, this will reduce their tendency to mark in the house.

If for some reason, extensive growling and/or fighting persist between the two, give up and try again later. If aggression appears to be a problem, it is probably best not to continue and try again the next day.

Never expect dogs to hit it off right away when introducing your new pup to your dog. Just like people, it may take a little while for your dog to become friendly and trusting of the new puppy, soon they will become friends. It is important that your existing dog be well trained and not has any annoying behavioural problems before you introduce another dog into your home. The reason for this is that dogs mimic. For example, if your dog is an excessive barker, the new dog may mimic this habit. On the other hand, if you have a well-natured dog, you may find him almost parenting the new puppy and trying to “show him the ropes”. Older dogs are usually more tolerant to the clumsiness and curiosity of new puppies.

Dogs, just like children need a lot of tender, loving care. When introducing your new puppy to your dog, remember that you are lucky to have both of these additions to your family and while they give you so much freely, and offer unforgettable memories, they never ask for anything in return, except maybe a treat occasionally.

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