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The Westminster Kennel Club - 2007 Best in Show

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Which dog won the best in show for year 2007 in the Westminster Kennel Club? Any idea? Well before I disclose the result to you all, a bit of definition on dog shows for those who do have any idea on what is dog shows about. The following article is obtain from


The basic purpose of dog shows is to facilitate the evaluation of breeding stock for use in producing the next generations.


Each breed's parent club creates a STANDARD, a written description of the ideal specimen of that breed. Generally relating form to function, i.e., the original function that the dog was bred to perform, most standards describe general appearance, movement, temperament, and specific physical traits such as height and weight, coat, colors, eye color and shape, ear shape and placement, feet, tail, and more. Some standards can be very specific, some can be rather general and leave much room for individual interpretation by judges. This results in the sport's subjective basis: one judge, applying his or her interpretation of the standard, giving his or her opinion of the best dog on that particular day. Standards are written, maintained and owned by the parent clubs of each breed.

Well, enough of reading? Can't wait to see which dog has won the best in show for the year of 2007? Read on...

The 2007 Best In Show Trophy was awarded to "Ch Felicity's Diamond Jim," a.k.a. "James," an English Springer Spaniel.

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Sex: Dog
AKC: SN 75321403
Date of Birth: June 08, 2000
Breeder: Teresa Patton & Ruth Dehmel
Sire: Ch Telltale Davey Jones
Dam: Ch Rendition Autumn Fire Poppy
Owner: Teresa Patton & Allen Patton & R Dehmel & D Hadsall

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