Friday, May 18, 2007

First Time at Home

You have just brought home your new puppy. Where do you start? For the next few days, your life will revolve around puppy's needs and schedule, so begin that first minute by getting him into a regular routine.

Firstly, please ensure the surroundings and environments are clean and safe for the puppies. Ensuring a clean environment is important to the puppy in order to avoid diseases that may occur due to dirtiness. Always make sure that the crate or area the puppy sleep is clean and dry. Wiring, metals, pest control products and things that can be harmful to puppy should be hidden or thrown away in order to avoid unnecessary accident from happening.

If you have an existing dog at home, it is advisable to spend some time to introduce both of them. Please read the article “Introducing your New Puppy to your Dog” that we will be posting soon.

As you develop your daily care schedule, remember that young puppies cannot control their bladders well and need to be let out about every three to four hours if possible. Normally they will also need to eliminate following playtime and after drinking or eating.

First day

As soon as puppy arrives, show him where his "potty area" will be and allow him time to eliminate and stretch his legs. Next, bring him inside to his crate for some quiet time. While he is in his crate, puppy can look around and start to check out his surroundings. Do not overwhelm puppy immediately with too many new people, pets or strange situations. Talk to puppy and try to sooth any fears he may have.

After a brief nap, let puppy out for a potty break and some supervised playtime and petting. If it is time, feed the puppy, take him out again, and then let him go back into his crate. As the day passes, introduce puppy gradually to his new home and family.

Stick to a familiar routine and wording, show him he is welcome and puppy will begin to settle happily into your household.

During the first few weeks or so, the puppy faeces might be soft or watery. No cause for worries as this is due to the new environment.

First night

Puppies may cry throughout the night because of new environment or miss his/ her friends. If possible, pay no attention to the cry. Put a safe chew toy, familiar smelling towel or blanket into his crate. In cases where puppy has to sleep in a room away from you, a night light and a ticking clock or soft music may help him to sleep better. However, if you can not withstand the crying, the other option is to keep puppy's crate next to your bed. However, this option is not advisable because you will spoil them in the future.

Most puppies will need to be taken outside during the night, and again early in the morning to eliminate.

First day home alone

When you return to work and puppy has to spend his first day alone, there are some steps to make him/ her feel at ease.

Before you leave, put puppy out for his potty break. Feed him/ her in his crate while you are getting ready. Let him/ her out again to eliminate, then allow some play or exercise time. Return them to their crate with some safe toys before leaving.

Leave on a radio for the puppy while you are gone. It will calm the puppy down while you are away.

When you return home, greet your puppy and resume his normal schedule. Spend some time - playing, teaching him and being together - and enjoy each other's company.

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