Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Why Dogs?

The reasons for owning a dog are as vast as the universe. Enough can never be said concerning the curative powers of love and where better to find unconditional love than with your very own dog. They share our lives and loves, they protect our lives and those of our loved ones, they give until it hurts and why? Because it is their inborn nature.

If you are lonely or sad you should consider getting a dog. If you need something to put the spark back into your life or that bounce back into your step, a dog might be just what you need. I cannot possibly list all of the benefits of buying and owning a dog but you must understand that as with all good things there are also costs and risks. Dog have their own special needs and if you are not able or willing to provide these then maybe it is best for you to enjoy the wonders of dogs from a distance. But as long as you are willing to make some sacrifice in order to enjoy the wonderful rewards then I definitely recommend owning a dog...

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