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Which Dogs do Americans Prefer?

Following are 2006 most popular dogs in US. To what I have expected, Labrador Retriever has taken the first spot and to my surprise Yorkshire Terrier came in second. How about you guys? Did your favourite dog breed makes the top ten most popular dogs in USA?

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2006 Most Popular Dogs in the U.S.(according to AKC® registration figures)

1. Labrador Retriever
2. Yorkshire Terrier
3. German Shepherd
4. Golden Retriever
5. Beagle
6. Dachshund
7. Boxer
8. Poodle
9. Shih Tzu
10. Miniature Schnauzer

The results are in! In the American Kennel Club's annual survey of most popular purebred dogs in the U.S., the Labrador Retriever has won again. This is the 16th year in a row that the loveable Lab has topped the list.

Coming in second for 2006 is the Yorkshire Terrier, knocking out several of its larger-sized competitors.

"We have been closely tracking dog ownership trends and AKC data reveals that the popularity of smaller breeds continues to grow over the last decade," said AKC spokesperson Lisa Peterson. "Not since the Boston Terrier hit the top nearly 70 years ago has a small breed worked its way to such a high spot on the list."

"Dogs have become a fixture in the American family. The recent rise of the Yorkie proves that many modern dog owners prefer a portable, pint-sized pet that fits their modern, fast-paced lifestyle," added Peterson.

Most Popular Breed Groups

Of the seven AKC breed groups, two make up over half of the purebred dogs registered in the U.S. According to the AKC, the Sporting Group is the most popular group with almost 30 percent of the total 2006 registry. Coming in second, the Toy Group makes up 23 percent of the registry.

Large vs. Small

Dog owners in the U.S. seem to prefer a larger dog. With the Labs taking the No. 1 spot, the large breeds make up 45 percent of the 2006 registry. Small breeds come in second with 29 percent, and medium breeds are holding steady at approximately 22 percent.

High Maintenance or Low

The AKC also takes a look at factors like grooming and level of activity needed. In this year’s group, the dogs that required a low level of grooming made up 48 percent of the list. As far as activity is concerned, the dogs that require a lot of exercise made up nearly half the list.

AKC registration statistics are compiled from Jan. 1- Dec. 31 of the previous year. In 2006, AKC registered 153 different breeds. For more information, visit the AKC Web site.

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