Friday, April 20, 2007

Pet Food Good for You

The following new were obtained from I find this articles rather interesting and would like to share it with you all.


He's sticking with Big Macs TINS of pet food are better for you than many fast food meals, boffins have discovered.

Loads of pet food brands scored better than dishes served by High Street chains in research to measure fat, salt and sugar levels.

Nutrition experts discovered that Gourmet Gold cat food has just 2.9g of fat per 100g — a mouth-watering EIGHT TIMES less than the percentage found in pieces of KFC.

The level of fat was also far lower than a McDonald’s Big Mac and a Pizza Hut meal.

The lab tests by nutrition experts discovered that Cesar dog food uses just 4.4g of fat in every 100g — and has lower salt and sugar levels than many dishes served to humans.

Researchers found that KFC chicken pieces were the unhealthiest fast food on test. They contained 23.2g of fat per 100g and 1.9g of salt. Unbelievably, ADDING fries cut the fat and salt levels, with them falling to 12g and 0.7g per 100g.

Scientists compared 30 human meals with 15 pet foods. They found that the human foods would perform worse than much of the animal nosh under the Food Standards Agency’s “traffic light” labelling scheme.

Scientist John Searle, from the Global food-testing lab in Burton upon Trent, which carried out the tests, said: “It would not do a human any harm to eat this cat and dog food. It would be categorised in the green or amber levels. But some convenience foods would fall in the red or unhealthy category.”

So it’s not such a barking idea, then.

The following new were also obtained from and it tells a story of a curious guy doing a taste test after the report (as above) that dog food has less fat and salt than takeaway meals.


“WE’VE arranged a three-course meal,” they said. “You’ll be waited on hand and foot,” they said.

“There will even be a butler — and it’s all paid for.”

Yup, that’s for me, so I was the first to volunteer.

I must have been barking. Instead of a feast, my free meal was a right dog’s dinner — literally. As The Sun reported yesterday that pet food has less fat and salt than takeaway meals from the likes of McDonald’s and KFC, I should have known someone would have to do a taste test.

And I felt a right pedigree chump when I saw my meal. It was made up of plates of Pedigree, Winalot and Butcher’s — with a dessert of a Bonio dog biscuit. Nice touch.
Amazingly, all of the brands are officially better for me than many fast food meals.

But looking at the glutenous masses waiting for me to tuck in, none of them had me jumping with glee.

Some were bad, others just plain terrible.

I felt a little strange afterwards — but I reckon I’m all right noooowwwwww.

Well, what do you think about it? Want to do taste test to prove the articles? We at Puppy Cottage will be glad if you want to volunteer yourself to do a taste test. Do contact us if you want to challenge yourself. :P

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