Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dog Horoscopes

I was surfing the internet for article to be included into Puppy Cottage blog today and I found something rather interesting. Horoscope for dogs!!! Who would have guess that our beloved pet would have horoscope as well. Interesting...

Mar 21 - Apr 20

They are like a baby very demanding - want what they want right now - food or attention. Will bring you their bowl or bark at the door or jump in your lap to get your attention. Lots of energy.

Completely absorbed in their own desires. Believes in you with all their heart no matter what you do, are completely trusting. They seem to look you straight in the eye and ask, "Do you love me? Are you my friend?". They seem vulnerable and helpless, looking at you with their sweet eyes.

Will yelp and bark if a toy is taken away - raising a real fuss until it is returned. They walk proud and with an air of self-confidence. If they hang their heads and tails it is because they have been mistreated, but a little tender loving care and they bounce back.

Very protective of their family and home. They can be brave and face a bigger dog - but the vets needle will make them cower. Not a fussy eater - when hungry will let you know. Strong constitution, but watch for skin rashes. Sometimes a little difficult to train because they have a short attention span. Sometimes your patience will wear thin, but their seeming innocence will always win your heart.

Dislike being put on a leash. Naturally hasty and impulsive, guide them gently - force will not work. Lots of praise and cajoling. They have a fierce and unquestioning loyalty.

20 April - 20 May

Stubborn is their trademark. Difficult to get them to do what they don't want to do. Throw water or light a fire they won't budge. They will look at you with their steady, tranquil, questioning eyes, as if saying "you want me to do what?"

They are very passive, must be tempted to play. Very much the home body, hates to travel. Change upsets them, they are extremely set in their ways and will resist change at every turn. Usually contented and placid - but does have a temper - their eyes will flash and tails lash - but this will pass quickly. They want comfortable and familiar surroundings.

Extremely healthy - if you watch their diet. They love food and will eat anything. Make sure they get exercise as they are happy just relaxing on their favorite pillow, seem to need a lot of rest. Needs own bed to feel secure.

Loyalty and devotion to family surpass all understanding, even when they are mistreated. They move with a slow deliberate pace. They love to be bathed, makes them feel pampered. If a family member is sick they will stay by their side. Normally calm - not easily disturbed. Can be easily trained if given many gentle and praising words.

Can resist discipline and orders forever if yelled at - but a gentle voice and affection will work every time. If scolded they will become defiant until you apologize. They are not overly demonstrative - but will give undying loyalty. Will sulk if they do not get enough attention.

May 21 - June 21

Lots of energy - they seem to snap, crackle and pop around the house. Eyes twinkle and dart here and there, always alert.

Very inquisitive, must see and know everything. Bring a package into the house and they must inspect it thoroughly. Their entire body seems to be saying "Let me see! Let me see!" Everything that moves or looks different catches their eyes and off they go to investigate. They bounce from one thing to the other seeking adventure.

Easily sidetracked when trying to train. They are very persuasive and can charm you into doing things their way. It will take a lot of patience during training, but it is worthwhile as they are so much fun with their lively ways. They are unpredictable at times. Be prepared to chase a lot when they are puppies and go off to explore.

They love people - the more in the household the happier they are. Having lots of company will delight them, they will greet everyone and be your assistant host or hostess. Not big eaters - will eat a little food and then off to explore, eating seems to be a waste of their valuable time. Will sleep in different places - likes change.

Try to make sure they get plenty of rest - they have a tendency to keep moving and playing. They cannot stand long periods of close confinement. Average health, biggest problem is accidents because of their active natures. They love all kinds of toys, will play with anything. This is a very active pet.

June 22 - July 22

They are warm and sensitive to their owners, almost like a parent in their caring natures. Can charm you into doing what they want with coaxing looks.

They love attention and praise, but are very shy and timid. A harsh tone or rough glance and they are easily wounded. When their feelings are hurt they will disappear and hide. It will take a lot of coaxing and petting to get them to join the family again. They love to play "catch me". Watch how they move in quick and clever ways, never impulsively. They will move sideways and backwards, then pounce. Some times they will be the catchee and sometimes the catcher.

They are average eaters - not fussy - but will occasionally hide a morsel of food for a late night snack. Love the water, but the waves will scare them. Will play with a toy by themselves for hours. Do not try to take a favorite toy away as they will hang on to it for dear life. Prefer being inside. Are docile and quiet. Storms frighten them - they'll hide under the bed till its over. During training they will sometimes think over things and be a little stubborn, a sharp tap on the rump will get their attention. When they get their lessons right, lots of praise and pats will make their tails wag in glee.

Their health must be watched as they seem to have delicate systems. Very shy and timid with strangers, so if you're having a party or lots of company let them stay in a quiet room away from the crowd, as they can get crabby. They will snap when irritated - so do not tease.

July 23 - August 22

They are proud with a sunny playfulness. They seem to rule the family. They are energetic and love everyone. They walk with an air of royalty and seem to be telling us how important they are. They must be center stage.

They will have many brief outbursts of barking, as he loves the attention it draws. But never fear, they are extremely gentle. This bark is definitely worse than their bite, especially since they have no"bite".

They will prance and seem to smile when they are happy. They will let you know in no uncertain terms when things don't suit them. You will sometimes get the feeling they are looking down on you - as if they are the master. When they lounge around being lazy, they look regal even then. Need strict and loving discipline - restrain gently but firmly when training. Tell them they are the smartest and they will respond. Do not ignore - in fact they will make it difficult to ignore them.

They prefer food served in a fancy dish or on people plates - dog dishes are beneath them. Prefer your food to dog food. Excellent health - watch for infections and fevers.

Very seldom will you see them run, that is not in tune with their stately and proud natures. Likes bright airy places -will enjoy sitting on a porch, like a king, watching the world go by. Will love it if someone passing by remarks how beautiful they are.

August 23 - September 22

Their eyes sparkle with intelligence. Very easy to train - need little or no discipline. Are well balanced and dependable - very quiet and serene.

They have a restlessness in their natures. Can't seem to stay In one place for very long. They'll be in a chair - then at the front door - then at the window - actually they seem to pace. Very picky about food - it will take a lot of time to find what they will eat. It is surprising but you might find they like vegetables.

They prefer their food and walks in a set routine. They will set the time clock and you will be expected to abide by their schedule. Once you place their food dishes and bed in a certain place - do not move.

They are extremely healthy. They will enjoy being groomed as they seem almost vain about their looks.

They do not like getting dirty - you never need to worry about them playing in the mud. They are very finicky - all bedding and dishes must be kept clean and spotless or they will turn up their nose in disdain. Be sure you give them lots of love and petting each day - since they are so quiet it is easy to forget they are around and they will not demand attention - but they need it to be happy.If they don't get enough attention they will give you a wistful look that says - "Did you forget me?". Loves to play with the family. Very uncomfortable in crowds, will sink into the background when strangers are around.

September 23 - October 22

They are very inconsistent - one minute restless and active - the next calm and lazy. Will obey like an angel - then become stubborn as a mule. Sometimes you will feel at a complete loss on how to cope with them.

Must watch diet as they tend to overeat - love sweets and ice cream. They will run and play with frenzied activity for days - then suddenly plop down and do nothing for days but lay around. Occasionally they seem to find a happy balance, but it usually doesn't last long. One time they will run and greet people, next time they will run and hide. Afraid of sudden noises - a thunder storm will make them tremble - be sure they have a hideaway. Loud noises actually seem to hurt their eardrums - watch them slink away if you play loud music.

Generally good health if you control their diet.

They seem to have trouble deciding which toy to play with or which food to eat. It can be amusing to watch as they seem to study the problem. Although they are very indecisive once they make up their minds about something, there is no stopping them. When training, do it when they are in an active mood, as they will enjoy the challenge. Don't try training when they are lazy, it will be more of a struggle than it is worth. When training, give them time to make up their mind about certain commands. Pressure to perform will only cause them confusion.

They will like their bedding of soft, silky material and they will not object to perfumes in their bath water or on them. Of all the signs this one seems to need his owner to maintain balance - like an anchor to keep them stable.

October 23 - November 21

Piercing eyes that are almost hypnotic. Their steady gaze can make you feel nervous and ill at ease - they'll out-stare you every time. Even when they are quiet you feel an electric vitality about them. They have an inner strength and always seem in control.You will never see them jumping or bouncing around. Intensely loyal, will lay down their lives for a loved one. Dedicated to family and fiercely protective of children, they will leap instinctively to protect a loved one - will endanger own life to rescue a child. Very possessive, will resent a new member in the family for a while. However, once accepted they will receive the same undying loyalty.

Very seldom sick- excesses can cause problems. Must be very firm when training - they respect strength - a firm no and strong eye contact will do the trick. Do not falter. Very warm and caring natures. They are daring and will wander away - so take them for long walks to work off some of their energy and desire to wander.

Has an uncanny ability to find things like a detective. Will find that lost sock or shoe and come dragging it to you. When they want something they will fix those hypnotic eyes on you until they get you to obey. Has a great need for a hiding place all their own - a little private place.When you feel bad or depressed you will receive a soft nudge and look that says "It's OK, I'm here". Food is not important - eat to live - not fussy.

November 22 - December 21

Naturally friendly - will greet strangers like long lost friends. Their whole body seems to wag in anticipation of your greeting. They even seem to smile at you.

They are somewhat clumsy and tend to knock things over in their pursuit of fun. Eyes are bright and alert - normally restless. They love to go riding - the faster the better. This is the dog you'll see happily riding on the back of a motorcycle.

Watch their temper if teased. Health good - accidents occur through their reckless behavior. Loves most foods - will tend to overeat. Clumsy but loves to learn. Acts like a clown - will love to learn tricks and show off. Will not obey unless they want to - applause will spur them on.Cannot stand being shut away by themselves. Need people around - no toys - just people. If ignored when they greet you, they will hang their heads and tails in sorrow. Desperately need to be loved. You are their sun, moon and stars. Their happy-go-lucky nature will endear them to everyone. On your saddest day they will cheer you up and make you smile. Sometimes you will feel they are not too bright - they are - its just their hasty movements that get them in trouble.

They will chase their tails well into adulthood. Very trusting. Good playmates for children. Watch them with babies as they might get too rambunctious. If the family must move they are very adaptable.

December 22 - January 19

Quiet and calm - very dignified and methodical in their movements. Seem rooted to one spot, until they want to move. They seem to be serious and melancholy.

Must force them to exercise and play. Make sure diet is well balanced and that they eat it. Likes everything in a very routine way - walk at 9 - food at 8. Change their schedule and they will be irritable and look even sadder. They do everything a very deliberate manner. When it is time for a certain activity and you are not prompt - they will sulk. Not interested in flighty play.

Do not mix well with children prefer adults. Very obedient - if makes a mistake will be miserable, so be sure to soothe their feelings and let them know all is well. A real stay at home and will sit by your side or in your lap for hours. Worships master - very devoted.

Their serene and sedate manner of observing you will sometimes make you feel as if they are in charge. Will be very easy to train - as they want to please you with their whole being. However, if they decide they prefer something - will ignore your "no" and will patiently wait to wear you down to have their way. They are very timid - seem to need protection and security from you.Will select a favorite chair - you and your friends should respect this and avoid sitting in it as they will glare at you till you move and apologize.

January 20 - February 18

They are very interested in you and the things around them. Will concentrate when you talk to them - they will cock their heads to one side and listen intently.Children intrigue them - will play with them but become bored easily. It takes time to gain their trust - they seem to look deep into your soul. Once they trust you it will be for life. Don't like the cold. Major health problems are circulation.

Difficult to teach - are so busy thinking of other things they don't seem to remember what they are supposed to be doing and will challenge your patience. They don't sleep much, try to control the amount they get. Also need a strong push to get regular exercise. Strong intuition - seems to know what you want before you say it.

Will eat things most dogs normally would not touch. Sometimes you'll give a command and they'll do just the opposite. Though they seem sweet and pliable - they can be determined and stubborn. Very unpredictable, one minute calm and sweetly docile - the next topsy turvy, but usually lovable and amusing. Love to shock you with wild antics - other times timid and moves with caution. Expect the unexpected.Will want to play in the rain - doesn't mind getting muddy. They love to explore and will lope down the street in a fog and run into a telephone pole. The term pixilated suits this pet.

February 19 - March 20

Warm, friendly and very adaptable. They are so gentle and docile, they seem almost too good to be true. They have an air of mystery that you see when you look deep into their entrancing eyes.

They do not like confinement needs room to roam. Trying to get them into a routine is next to impossible. Will want to eat when hungry and sleep when sleepy. Sometimes they will sleep all day then want to romp all night.Only learns what they want, when they want. Can completely ignore you like they are deaf, but they are really just day dreaming. If you have a lot of patience they will learn - because they are really eager to please you. Give them bushels of attention and praise when they do good - because they are very unsure of their abilities. A scolding will hurt their sensitive natures - you will actually see tears in their eyes.

Tell them your troubles and they seem to sympathize with a warm and caring look. Their health is sometimes delicate as puppies - but as adults they are very strong. Have to be tempted to eat - not fussy - just can take it or leave it. Love all adults, will shy away from children at first, until they are sure they are not rough. They will adopt a kitten or puppy and take care of it like a mother.

When they want their way they seem to smile and flirt with you. They will require certain amounts of privacy when they will withdraw to day dream.

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