Friday, April 20, 2007

DOG ATTACK CASE: Surgeon - Canine caused injuries

The followings stories was obtain from a newspaper website in Malaysia:

SEPANG,20.4.2007: The wounds suffered by a nine-year-old boy two years ago were not self-inflicted.

Instead, they were from a dog attack, a general surgeon told the magistrate’s court yesterday.

Dr Hussain Mohamad said the victim, Muhammad Hazman Seh Zahidi, had multiple puncture wounds on his head, neck, hands, legs and on his back."His left ear lobe was torn while there was a deep wound on the victim’s left buttock," he said.

Dr Hussain said he concluded that the attack and assault on Hazman came from a canine based on the characteristics of the wounds found on the victim.

He was testifying in the trial of salesman Chong Foo Meng, 42, the owner of three dogs which had allegedly attacked Hazman about 1pm on March 18, 2005, in Taman Putra Perdana, Puchong.Chong, who is on RM2,000 bail, was charged with negligence and failure to take due care of his pets.He faces a jail term of up to six months or a fine up to RM2,000, or both if convicted.

To a question by DPP Mohd Zulkhairi Kamaruzaman, Dr Hussain, who is now attached to the Nur Zahirah hospital in Kuala Terengganu, ruled out the possibility that the injuries were self-inflicted.

The hearing was adjourned to May 15.

Have you ever wonder to yourself, who is to be blame for all the dog attack incident? The negligence dog owner? The innocent dog? The victim whom may have provoke the dog? Do think about it...

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