Thursday, December 20, 2007

Puppy Cottage Exhibition at Eukanuba/ Pet-N-You Dog Carnival

Puppy Cottage on the 9th August 2007 has participate in the Eukanuba/ Pet-N-You Dog Carnival to promote our Puppy Cottage facilities to all the dog lover that patron the carnival on the day.

The Carnival

In conjunction with the promotion of our Cottage to the dog lover, we had held a Q&A Contest. We have received an overwhelming respond from the participant. Kindly click here to view the Q&A Contest results.

Participant filling up the forms for our Q&A contests

Well, the day started off with a busy morning!!! Firstly, our doggie friends need to be groom in order to look pretty and the ordinary looking booth needs to be enhanced with decorative to make it more presentable to the public eyes. Below are two pictures taken during the preparation.

Our Doggie Friends being groomed before the Carnival

Almost There...

Firstly, Puppy Cottage would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Jeff and Jamie for allowing us to have Gucci (Shih Tzu) and Bobby (Shih Tzu) during the day as our Puppy Cottage models.

I Am Ready!!! Left: Bobby and on the Right: Gucci

There was a surprise for the day, Mix FM morning crew was at our booth during the carnival. We are not kidding!

Ika, Serena C and Pietro came to our booth and took a picture together with us.

Below is the picture:

Familiar? Well, it is the Mix FM morning crew at our Booth. What an honour :)

More pictures taken during the day:

Mom & dad, what are those thing around my neck?

My dad reading his morning newspaper with Harry

'Hey, Jack what are you looking at?Gals?' asked Bobby

I need water...

Cool, that was some fresh air...

Faster! Snap all you want. Prince and Harry together.

The following pictures was taken by the professional photographer on doggies that were groomed by Puppy Cottage.

Disclaimer: Pictures posted above are not properties of Puppy Cottage Sdn Bhd unless claims by Puppy Cottage Sdn Bhd. It shall not be used against Puppy Cottage Sdn Bhd.

Well, the carnival ended around afternoon. It was a tiring day for us but we reckon it was all worth it.

Lastly, we would like to thanks all the contestants and those who has visited our booth once again, without you guys it will never be a success.

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