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Puppy Cottage's Q&A Contest Results...

Dear contestants,

First of all, Puppy Cottage would like to thank you all the contestants for their participation in PUPPY COTTAGE's contest held at Pet-n-You Eukanuba Dog Carnival 2007 on the 9th of September 2007.

We, Puppy Cottage would also like to say a really big thank you to all our customers who have came to give us support during the day.

In addition, Puppy Cottage would like to thank all the sponsors for their support.

Before we announce the winners to our contest. Below are the answers to the contest Q&A:

1) Name the three main services provided by Puppy Cottage:


a. Cottage Suites/ Boarding
b. Day Care
c. Grooming

2) Does Orijen dog food contain any grain?

Answer: No

3) Addiction is the leading brand of hypoallergenic pet food for dogs with food allergies & itchy, scratchy skin, & coat.

Answer: True

4) Does Canidae All Life Stages dog food contain corn, doy wheat, grain fractions or fillers?

Answer: No

5) Pet Esth'e carries the world's mildest shampoo and uses the aromatherapy and thalassotherapy approaches in its products.

Answer: True

Winners Selection Criteria:

The first criteria will be based on the correct answers to the above questions.

Second criteria will be chosen based on the best tag name that best resemble Puppy Cottage, provided the first criteria is met.

Finally the winners!!! We would like to congratulate all the winners to our contest.

Below are the winners together with their well thought tag name:

GRAND PRIZE worth RM700...

Tag Line: Palatial Pampering for my Puppy!

Name: Francine Tham
Dog Breed & Name: Chihuahua/ Ebi

2nd Prize worth Rm600...

Tag Line: Caring, Loving and Comfort

Name: Millie Lung Hian Mei
Dog Breed & Name: Poodle/ Einstein

3rd Prize worth RM500...

Tag Line: A Dog's Heavenly Pleasure

Name: Aylsia Goh
Dog Breed & Name: Toy poodle/ Mia

Consolation Prize worth RM100 each...

Tag Line: Canine Eden

Name: Grace Tham
Dog Breed & Name: Pembroke Welsh Corgi/ Rusty

Tag Line: Friendly Professional Services

Name: Jeff
Dog Breed & Name: Shih Tzu/ Gucci

Tag Line: Dog Day Vacation

Name: Ooi Shar Mayn
Dog Breed & Name: Silky Terrier/ Scruffy

Tag Line: Where Every Dog is at Home

Name: Gerry & Sarah
Dog Breed & Name: Miniature Schnauzer/ Ruby

Tag Line: Where Home Is

Name: Daryl Wong
Dog Breed: Pug

Tag Line: Our Home is your Home

Name: Benjamin Lim
Dog Breed & Name: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/ Prince

Tag Line: Pets Paradise where dogs gets along

Name: Raynard BK Tee
Dog Breed: Chihuahua

In addition, Puppy Cottage has decided to give away extra prizes as a reward to the efforts and creativities given by our contestants. Following are the contestants that will be getting the extra prizes:

Tag Line: One Stop Puppy Care

Name: Foong Tuck Wah
Dog Breed & Name: Miniature Schnauzer/ Venus

Tag Line: Just Like Home

Name: Sandra Wong
Dog Breed & Name: Golden Retriever/ Zoe

Tag Line: We Truly Care

Name: Chen Theng Aik
Dog Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Tag Line: Giving Your Love One a Luxury

Name: Helen
Dog Breed & Name: Siberian Husky/ Maya

Tag Line: Impossible but I'm Possible

Name: Darren Ng
Dog Breed & Name: Toy Poodle/ Yuan Yuan

Tag Line: A Dog's Home Away from Home

Name: A. Vincent
Dog Breed & Name: Shih Tzu/ Max & Champ

Tag Line: Creativity, Warm and Flexibility is always your style! Kudos!

Name: Teoh Kean Seong
Dog Breed & Name: Miniature Schnauzer/ Emperor

Tag Line: Where I'd Never worry leaving my dog feeling at home 24/7.

Name: Christopher Tock
Dog Breed & Name: Shih Tzu/ Benji

Tag Line: Pet Service in a Professional Environment

Name: Joyce Wong
Dog Breed & Name: Pug/ Mimi

Tag Line: Without Puppy Cottage I'm Not Sure Where Else Should I Go

Name: Leong Sook Sam
Dog Breed & Name: Pug/ Milo

Tag Line: Once with 'You', Forever With 'You'!

Name: Chua Shu Yun
Dog Breed & Name: Golden Retriever/ Truman

Tag Line: Where Your Dog's Home Is

Name: Benny Loo
Dog Breed & Name: Shih Tzu/ Milo, Chloe, Cuddles

Tag Line: Best Pal for your Pet

Name: Melissa Wong
Dog Name: Chubby

Tag Line: The Greatest Dog's Get Away

Name: Jole
Dog Breed: Australian Silky Terrier

For the rest of the other contestants, don't be disheartened, as a token of appreciation in participating in our contest, we will be giving away a mystery gift for you.

Kindly collect the gift from our Cottage and be Hurry!!! While stocks last.

To all the above winners, we would like to congratulate all of you once more and kindly collect your gift from 14 October 2007 to 31 October 2007.

Kindly collect the prize either during weekday, from 6pm onwards or preferably during the weekend, anytime from 11am to 8pm.

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