Friday, September 14, 2007


I’ve had my dog for fourteen years
Many of these filled with tears
But in my deepest misery
My dog was always there for me
When deep depression made me cry
He’d lie beside me so that I
Could feel his body next to mine
And know that I was not alone
And when I craved someone’s embrace
He’d comfort me and lick my face
He’d lie with me in my despair
So I would know there’s someone there
And now it’s turned the other way
I look after him today
He’s old, he cannot see or hear
He calls to me when I’m not near
He wakes me in the dark of night
He needs a drink, but that’s alright
I gently take him to his bowl
And feel such a love for his sweet soul
He coughs and pants and gets distressed
I gently hold him to my chest
And kiss his poor sweet aging face
As he settles down to my embrace
I’ve come to know his every need
And it’s become a joy indeed
And not a chore to see they’re filled
I’m sure that this is what God willed
For as I watched with loving care
My little dog just lying there
It came to me God does this too
Watching over me and you
Always looking after us
Very gently without fuss
Making sure our needs are met
Never ever gets upset
When Sanchez calls out in the night
I just reach out, turn on the light
I never feel that he’s a pest
Disturbing once again my rest
Not once do I resent his cries
For it won’t be long before he dies
And when he goes to God above
I want him to recall my love
I used to think of God with fear
Terrified he may be near
About to punish me for what
I’d done or what I’d not
My dog has changed all that for me
Helped me see things differently
Teaching me how love should be
Unconditional and free
He doesn’t have to do a thing
For me to give him everything
No thoughts of should or have to do
It’s only that I wanted to
God’s love I’ve learned is just like this
We do not pay a price for bliss
It’s given to us all for free
Always unconditionally
And so I thank my little friend
As he nears his journey’s end
I feel such love and thanks that he
Has shown me how God loves me.

~Dr William Moulton

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